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Designing contractual relationships for the future

Preparing for successful collaborative contracts in projects

Australia’s infrastructure construction sector is experiencing significant growth. Coupled with rapid digitisation there are significant opportunities and inherent risks for both contractors and governments in leading projects.

Construction is known to be one of the most important sectors from both social and economic perspectives. However, it faces a wide array of risks and opportunities.

Several megatrends influence development, of which digitisation, urbanisation, globalisation and the increasing focus on sustainability and value may be among the most important for construction (WEF 2016, Blanco et al. 2018).

One key to handling the future challenges is collaboration and has therefore emerged as a focus area for development in the industry and research. It is time to look at how we design processes and contracts for the future.

Our report presents research on how public clients should prepare to enter such collaboration and what needs to be done before entering a collaborative contract.

The research in this report views projects from a client perspective (interviews) and attempts to answer two questions

  1. What are the necessary preconditions for successful relationship-based contracting?
  2. How can we prepare for a successful collaborative contract?

Download the report to learn more.