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Circular data  science cluster

Networks, data, and visualisation

Seeing both the detail and the big picture
We’re illustrating the importance of data visualisation to understand otherwise unnoticed dynamics by analysing projects as social networks to demonstrate the impact of social interaction on projects and performance.

As our projects are becoming larger, more complex, and more deeply enmeshed with their contexts, an ever increasing quantity of data is being created about project status.

The sheer amount of data available makes the job of interpreting the key trends and identifying emergent risks increasingly difficult. Visualisation of data allows leaders to understand dynamics that are otherwise unapparent. Other dynamics on projects only become recognisable through specialist visualisation and graphing techniques.

Our perception of our social context is almost always focused on the local relationships we possess, but this can give a biased and largely inaccurate view of how the broader social network of collaboration and communication affects our projects.

Analysing projects as social networks scan reveal the ways that social interaction affects project performance, resilience, and innovation. Our research in this area involves advanced data analytics, to explore large data sets and understand social patterns that are not comprehensible at the micro-scale.

Our research

Our expert: Dr Petr Matous

A lot of effort and money is spent on the development and dissemination of innovative technologies that can improve the sustainability of agricultural production systems.

However, programs promoting these technologies have mixed success and rural development initiatives often have unintended consequences.

Our research involves leveraging the local social networks of the intended beneficiaries of international development, environment conservation, and rural development projects and assessing the impacts of local development projects.

We have already found how local network structures influence the success of these projects, how they can or cannot be utilised and changed.

There is demand for this line of research from institutions aiming to engage local communities that would like to systematically and rigorously identify local "influencers" who may be critical for the success of their initiatives.

Our expert: Dr Shahadat Uddin

We're addressing the opportunities for data science and artificial intelligence (AI) in project management research.

We're illustrating the importance of data science and AI tools and technologies in project analytics.

We aim to raise the awareness of project practitioners to the possibilities for use of data science and AI in project analytics.

Our expert: Dr Shahadat Uddin

We're demonstratingthe application of social network analysis in analysing project stakeholder networks.

It has found that the way stakeholders communicate and collaborate affects project performance.

The approach followed can be used in exploring performance variations across multiple projects.