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Meet our school staff

Outstanding scholarship in innovation

Our staff are prominent experts across all facets of aerospace, mechanical and mechatronic engineering from robotics to space engineering to materials and combustion.

School leadership team

Professor Liyong Tong, Head of School

Associate Professor KC Wong, Deputy Head (Education)

Dr Agisilaos Kourmatzis, Deputy Head (Research)

Ms Kirsty Bass, School Manager

Dr Donald Dansereau, Research Education Director

Dr Li Chang, Director Postgraduate Coursework

Dr Gareth Vio, Director Undergraduate Coursework

Associate Professor Dries Verstraete, Director Engagement & Impact

Dr Nicholas Williamson, Director Learning and Teaching

Associate Professor Michael Kirkpatrick, Director Information Technology

Dr Rod Fiford , Director Student Life

Associate Professor KC Wong, Aeronautical

Dr Mitch Bryson, Mechatronic

Dr Matthew Dunn, Mechanical

Academic Staff

Professor Ben Thornber, Aerodynamics

Professor Liyong Tong, Composite and intelligent structures

Associate Professor Nicholas Lawson, Aerodynamics and optical flow measurement

Associate Professor Dries Verstraete, Aerospace design

Associate Professor KC Wong, Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) design

Dr Michael Groom, Computational fluid dynamics

Dr Gareth Vio, Aeroelasticity

Dr Zihao Wang, Intelligent unmanned aircraft system (UAS)

Professor Steven Armfield, Computational fluid dynamics

Professor Julie Cairney, Microscopy and microanalysis

Professor Qing Li, Biomedical and design

Professor Xiaozhou Liao, Transmission electron microscopy

Professor Yiu-wing Mai, Advanced materials

Professor Assaad R Masri, Combustion

Professor Simon Ringer, Nanoscale science and technology

Professor Lin Ye, Composite materials

Associate Professor Matthew Cleary, Combustion

Associate Professor Ahmad Jabbarzadeh, Rheology and molecular simulation

Associate Professor Michael Kirkpatrick, Fluid mechanics

Associate Professor Niels Quack, Micro-& Nanosystems

Dr Li Chang, Advanced materials and precision manufacturing

Dr Matthew Dunn, Combustion

Dr Rodney Fiford, Human-centred design

Dr Agisilaos Kourmatzis, Multiphase flow

Dr Nicholas Williamson, Fluid mechanics

Mr Paul Briozzo, Mechanical design and manufacturing

Professor Ian Manchester, Control, optimisation, robotics

Professor Salah Sukkarieh, Field robotics

Professor Stefan Williams, Field robotics

Associate Professor Guodong Shi, Networks, control, optimisation

Dr Graham Brooker, Millimetre wave radar

Dr Mitchell Bryson, Aided inertial navigation systems, simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM), un-manned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Dr Donald Dansereau, Robotic imaging

Dr Viorela Ila, Robotic perception, simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM)

Dr David Johnson, Field robotics

Emeritus Professor Eduardo Nebot

Emeritus Professor Grant Steven

Emeritus Professor Michael Swain

Emeritus Professor Roger Tanner

Professional staff

Ms Katharina Dittmer, Administration & Project Officer

Mr Duncan Stenger, Workshop Manager

Mr Greg Elder, Senior Technical Officer

Mr Greg Riviere, Senior Technical Officer