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Meet our school staff

Delivering excellence in research and education

Our academics are pioneers in the diverse fields encompassing electrical and software engineering.  

Key leadership

Professor Jianguo Zhu, Head of School

Professor Philip Leong, Deputy Head of School 

Ms Melissa Yeung, School Manager

Professor Yonghui Li, Director International 

Associate Professor Jin Ma, Research Training Director

Associate Professor Wanli Ouyang, Research Director

Dr David Boland, Postgraduate Coursework Director

Dr Yash Shrivastava, Undergraduate Teaching Director

Dr Luping Zhou, Teaching and Learning Director

Professor Philip Leong, Computer Engineering

Associate Professor Weidong Xiao, Power Engineering

Professor Abbas Jamalipour, Telecommunications Engineering

Professor Yonghui Li, Internet of Things

Associate Professor Javid Atai,  ME and MPE (Electrical Engineering)

Professor Yonghui Li, ME and MPE (Telecommunications)

Associate Professor Weidong Xiao, ME and MPE (Power Engineering)

Dr Dong Yuan, ME and MPE (Software Engineering)

Associate Professor Javid Atai,  Electrical Engineering - stream coordinator

Dr Dong Yuan, Software Engineering - stream coordinator


Professor Philip Leong

Associate Professor Craig Jin

Dr David Boland

Professor Robert Minasian

Professor Xiaoke Yi

Associate Professor Javid Atai

Dr Liwei Li

Professor David Hill

Professor Jianguo Zhu

Associate Professor Jin Ma

Associate Professor Weidong Xiao

Associate Professor Gregor Verbic

Dr Swamidoss Sathiakumar

Dr Yash Shrivastava

Dr Sinan Li

Dr Jeremy (Jing) Qiu

Emeritus Professor

  • Emeritus Professor Trevor Cole

Served as the Peter Nicol Russell Professor within the School for 25 years prior to retiring in 2005. His research focused on radioastronomy and electronics as well as the marketing of technology-based goods and services. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering, and an Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia.

Adjunct and Honorary Academics

  • Honorary Professor Zhao Yang (Joe) Dong

Member of the ARC College of Experts and was Head of School 2013–2017. His research aims to enhance the reliability and economic efficiency of electricity supply networks by utilising advanced engineering and computational methods. 

  • Honorary Professor Hong Yan

Former professor of imaging science at the University of Sydney and current Chair Professor of computer engineering at City University of Hong Kong. His research interests include bioinformatics, image processing and pattern recognition.

  • Honorary Associate Professor David Levy

Roving ambassador for the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, teaching block courses in Real-time Systems and Computer Architecture at various universities within China. He was the Head of School 2005–07.

  • Honorary Associate Professor Dylan Lu

Former academic whose research concerns the design and development of power electronics converter topologies and control techniques for different applications, including AC grids and microgrids, as well as the improving efficiency and reliability of power electronics system.

  • Honorary Associate Professor Abelardo Pardo

Former Associate Professor at The University of Sydney and current Professor and Dean Academic at the Division of Information Technology, Engineering  and the Environment at the University of South Australia. His research interests include the design and deployment of technology to increase the understanding and improve digital learning experiences. 

  • Honorary Associate Professor Shiping Chen 

Principal research scientist at CSIRO Data61and senior member of the IEEE whose research interests include secure data storage and sharing, and secure multi-party collaboration.

  • Dr Linh Nguyen (Adjunct Associate Professor)

Leading researcher in photonic signal processing and microwave photonics. He is currently supervising five postgraduate students as an auxiliary supervisor.

Visiting Scholars

  • Mag. Ing. Branislav (Bran) Selić

Specialist in designing and implementing large-scale industrial software systems. His expertise has pioneered the application of model-based engineering methods and has led the definition of several international standards in that domain, including the widely used Unified Modelling Language (UML).

  • Dr Hu Yongjun

Research specialist in big data analytics, multimodal machine learning and deep learning presently on assignment with the Centre for IoT and Telecommunications.

Professional staff

Ms Rita Wong,  Senior Administrative Officer (UG and PG coursework)

Ms Ping Zhang, Senior Administrative Officer (Research, Research Training and System Support)

Ms Linda Yeung, Project and Administration Officer

Ms Rodica-Maria Popp, IT Operations and Liaison Manager

Dr Rui Chu, Professional Officer

Dr Thomas Huang, Professional Officer

Dr Peter Jones, Senior Technical Officer

Mr Danny Phillips, Building Attendant


School of Electrical and Information Engineering