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Bachelor of Architecture and Environments

Enrolment guide

In order to qualify for the Bachelor of Architecture and Environments, students must fulfil the requirements specified by the resolutions of Senate and the University School.
All students should familiarise themselves with the course resolutions as stated in this handbook and monitor their own progress in reference to them.

Enrolment planner

Students may, with the permission of the unit coordinator concerned, enrol in elective units of study from the school's tables of graduate units, provided they have completed at least 96 credit points with a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 70.

Unit of study Credit

Year 1

Semester 1
DECO1006 Design Process and Methods 6
BDES1011 Architectural History/Theory 1 6
BDES1012 Architectural Communications 1 6
AWSS1002 Sketching and Drawing the Built Environment 6
Semester 2
BADP1001 Empirical Thinking 6
BDES1023 Architectural Technologies 1 6
DAAE1001 Living Cities 6
BAEN1001 Design in Architecture 6

Year 2

Semester 1
BAEN2001 Design Integration Lab: Materials 6
BADP2002 City Form and Development 6
BADP2003 Light and Sound 6
  Elective 6
Semester 2
BADP2004 Building Technologies 6
BADP2001 Algorithmic Architecture 6
BAEN2002 Design Integration Lab: Energy 6
  Elective 6

Year 3

Semester 1
BAEN3001 Design Integration Lab:Urban 6
BADP3001 Designing for Environmental Quality 6
BDES3023 Architectural Technologies 3 6
  Elective 6
Semester 2
BADP3002 Property and the Built Environment 6
BAEN3002 Design Integration Lab: Capstone 12
BDES3025 Architectural Professional Practice
Note that this unit is only compulsory for students intending to apply for the Master of Architecture

The understanding of this wider framework, and the full range of methodologies used to analyse and synthesise it, will add breadth to your immediate professional capabilities as well as preparing you for specialist career pathways offered by the School's full range of postgraduate courses.

These include pathways to: