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Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Honours) and Master of Architecture

Enrolment guide

To qualify for graduation from the Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Honours)/Master of Architecture degree, students must fulfil the requirements specified by the resolutions of Senate and the University School.
All students should familiarise themselves with the course resolutions and monitor their own progress in reference to them.

Requirements for progression to the fourth year Honours component

Students are required to achieve a weighted average mark of at least 70 across all units of study in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture component.

Progression to the Master of Architecture


  • a credit average across all units in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture component;
  • completion of the Master of Architecture prerequisite unit of study Architectural Professional Practice (BDES3025).

Enrolment planner

Unit of study Credit points

Year 1

Semester 1
BDES1026 Architecture Studio 1A 12
BDES1011 Architectural History/Theory 1 6
  Elective* 6
Semester 2
BDES1027 Architecture Studio 1B 12
BDES1023 Architectural Technologies 1 6
BDES1028 Honours Intensive Studio 1 6

Year 2

Semester 1
BDES2026 Architecture Studio 2A 12
BDES2013 Architectural Technologies 2 6
  Elective* 6
Semester 2
BDES2027 Architecture Studio 2B 12
BDES2024 Art Processes 6
BDES2028 Honours Intensive Studio 2 6

Year 3

Semester 1
BDES3011 Architectural History/Theory 3 6
BDES3026 Architecture Studio 3A 12
ARCH4007 Critical Thinking in Architecture 6
Semester 2
BDES3025 Architectural Professional Practice 6
BDES3027 Architecture Studio 3B 12
ARCH4008 Architecture Research Areas 6

Year 4

Semester 1
MARC5000 Induction Studio 12
MARC5400 Professional Practice 6
ARCH4009 Research Methods in Architecture 6
Semester 2
MARC5010 Architectural Studio 1 12
ARCH4010 Architectural Dissertation 12

Year 5

Semester 1
MARC5020 Architectural Studio 2 12
MARC5300 Architectural Technologies 6
  Elective* 6
Semester 2
Option 1:
Thesis Studio 24
Option 2:
(1) MARC6010
Architecture Studio 3 12
and(2) MARC6020 Thesis 12
* indicates free elective