Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

The Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) is a four year course comprised of specialist units in early childhood education and development, and complemented by generalist units in education and professional studies. Students complete 90 days of professional experience in up to four different early childhood settings. The degree has a strong emphasis on social justice and leadership in early childhood contexts. Students additionally have the opportunity to complete elective units of study in the sciences, social sciences and humanities subject areas that are offered by the University of Sydney Business School, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Graduates will be well prepared to meet the Australian Professional Teaching Standards. This course provides students with a professional qualification to teach children from birth to five years of age in early childhood education settings.

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BPEDUECH-01 Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)



Degree structure and requirements

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

To qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) degree, students must complete 192 credit points in total, comprising:

  • 144 credit points of core units of study, including
  • 36 credit points in 1000 level units;
  • 36 credit points in 2000 level core units;
  • 36 credit points in 3000 level core units;
  • 36 credit points in 4000 level core units; and
  • a 48 credit point major in Education Studies*

The required units of study are listed in the Education (Early Childhood) table.

* Note that students in the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) are required to undertake EDUF3136 Research with Young Children as on of their 3000 level selectives in the Education Studies major.

Contacts and further information

UG Early Childhood Program Director: A/Prof Marianne Fenech
School website: Sydney School of Education and Social Work . See the website for location and counter opening hours for the Office of Professional Engagement and Program Support.

Example pathway

Year and Semester  Units of Study   
Year 1 Sem 1 EDEC1005 Introduction to EC Education EDEC1006 Learning through Play in Early Childhood EDGU1006 Texts and Expectations EDUF1020 Rethinking Education
  Sem 2 EDEC1007 Health and Wellbeing in Early Childhood EDEC1008 History and Philosophy of ECE EDEC1009 Creative Arts in Early Childhood 1 EDUF1021 Sociological Perspectives in Education
Year 2 Sem 1 EDEC2005 Ethics and Social Justice in EC EDEC2006 Language and Communications in EC EDEC2xxx Child Development EDUF2xxx Aboriginal Education in Context
  Sem 2 EDUF2007 Social Perspectives on Education EDEC2008 Professional Communication EDEC2010 Professional Experience 1 (20 days) EDUF2xxx Special and Inclusive Education
Year 3 Sem 1 EDEC3003 Mathematics in Early Childhood EDEC3007 Infant-toddler Learning and Development EDEC3008 EC Professional Experience 2 (20 days) EDUF3xxx Psychological Perspectives in Education
  Sem 2 EDEC3009 Creative Arts in Early Childhood 2 EDEC3010 Leading and Managing Quality EC Services EDEC3011 EC Professional Experience 3 (20 days) EDUF3136 Research with Young Children
Year 4 Sem 1 EDEC4007 Partnering with Families on the Margins EDEC4008 STEM in Early Childhood EDEC4009 Language and Literacies EDUF3xxx Education Studies major selective unit
  Sem 2 EDEC4010 Early Childhood Policy and Advocacy EDEC4013 EC Internship and Practitioner Enquiry (12cps) EDUF3xxx Education Capstone