Degree structure

Degree requirements

To be awarded the Master of International Business, students complete units of study totalling 60 credit points, comprising:

  • 24 credit points in core units of study;
  • 24 credit points in elective units of study; and
  • 12 credit points in international business project units.

Students must complete the units of study in a prescribed sequence, as detailed in the Progression guide.

The units of study available for the Master of International Business are listed in Table A units of study for the Graduate Certificate and Master of International Business.

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes Graduate Qualities
Apply international business theories, concepts and business practices, and identify the challenges as well as opportunities of applying this international business knowledge in diverse global contexts. Depth of disciplinary expertise
Analyse and critically evaluate business problems, information and resources to generate practical solutions to international business challenges. Critical thinking and Problem solving
Apply a range of professional oral and written communication strategies and adapt these to different audiences to present persuasive ideas, and reach agreement with others. Communication (oral and written)
Identify, locate, interpret and synthesise relevant data and information, using appropriate resources tools, platforms and strategies. Information and Digital literacy
Generate ideas, insights, novel solutions and/or processes to address complex global business challenges (eg. SDGs). Inventiveness
Develop cultural intelligence by learning to communicate and collaborate across cultural and linguistic differences with people from diverse backgrounds. Cultural competence
Work effectively with people from other professional backgrounds and integrate multiple disciplinary perspectives in problem solving and recognise implications for international business context. Interdisciplinary effectiveness
Recognise and incorporate social, moral and ethical aspects in international business decision making, and demonstrate social responsibility in strategy devising. Integrated professional, ethical and personal identity
Display attributes of global collaborative and leadership skills, and lead with confidence and responsibility to make a positive impact on the global business environment. Influence