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A specialisation in Structures will provide you with the essential technical skills and knowledge related to structural engineering, including advanced structural analysis, structural behaviour and structural dynamics.

Structural engineers develop and test innovative solutions that take into account natural environmental forces such as wind, waves and earthquakes and their effects when designing and planning buildings. They also assess certain stresses caused by the modern environment, such as the traffic of both cars and people.

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session


Students complete 18 credit points to achieve this specialisation.
Students complete 6 credit points from the following:
Structural Analysis
6    A CIVL2110 OR CIVL1110) AND (CIVL2230 OR CIVL1900) AND MATH2061
Semester 2
Students must complete a minimum of 6 credit points and maximum of 12 credit points from the following:
Steel Structures - Stability
6    A There are no prerequisites for this unit of study but it is assumed that students are competent in the content covered in Structural Mechanics, Steel Structures, and Structural Analysis
Semester 1
Advanced Concrete Structures
6    P CIVL3205 OR CIVL9205
Semester 2
Bridge Engineering
6    A (CIVL2201 and CIVL3205 and CIVL3206) or (CIVL9201 and CIVL9205 and CIVL9206). Students who have not completed Concrete Structures (CIVL3205 or CIVL9205) will be very disadvantaged and should not attempt this unit
Semester 2
Structural Rehabilitation and Timber Design
6    A (CIVL2201 AND CIVL3205 AND CIVL3206) OR (CIVL9201 AND CIVL9205 AND CIVL9206)
Semester 2
Students may complete a maximum of 6 credit points from the following:
Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering
6      Semester 1
Fundamentals of Wind Engineering for Design
6      Semester 1
Advanced Research and Analysis

This unit of study is not available in 2022

6    A (CIVL2201 OR CIVL9201) AND (CIVL2611 OR CIVL9611) AND (CIVL2410 OR CIVL9410)
Semester 1
Units taken for the specialisation will also count toward requirements of the Civil stream.