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The University of Sydney Handbook 2023

Accessing your handbook

  • To access your faculty or University school handbook for 2023 click here.
  • Handbooks for future years, including new courses commencing in a future year will progressively be available in November each year.
  • To access faculty or University school handbooks from previous years, please see our handbook archive.

How to use the handbook

The University Handbook contains information for currently enrolled students. Within each of the faculty and University school handbooks comprising the University Handbook, you will find the course resolutions, course component requirements, units of study and their enrolment rules that you will need to follow to complete your studies.

When planning your studies, you need to refer to the handbooks to ensure you meet the specific requirements of your award course.

Understanding course components

Your degree will be made up of different course components that fit together to determine what you study.

Make sure you understand your course requirements and the options available to you. It’s helpful to think ahead. Planning out your units each semester and being aware of your progress is an important part of making sure you’re successful in your course.

Read more about course components and planning your course.

Watch our video to help understand the different types of units and how they come together to structure your course.

Handbooks 2023

Handbook Date originally published
Architecture, Design and Planning 21 November 2022
Arts and Social Sciences Postgraduate 21 November 2022
Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate 21 November 2022
Business School Postgraduate 21 November 2022
Business School Undergraduate 21 November 2022
Engineering Postgraduate 21 November 2022
Engineering Undergraduate 21 November 2022
Medicine and Health Postgraduate 21 November 2022
Medicine and Health Undergraduate 21 November 2022
Science Postgraduate 21 November 2022
Science Undergraduate 21 November 2022
Sydney Conservatorium of Music 21 November 2022
Sydney Law School 21 November 2022
Interdisciplinary Studies 21 November 2022