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Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Dental Medicine

To qualify for Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine, students must complete 336 credit points in total, including 144 credit points to qualify for the Bachelor of Science.

The requirements are:

  • 12 credit points from the Table A degree core
  • 12 credit points of 1000-level science elective units of study (excluding units listed in the Table A degree core)
  • A major (48 credit points) or program listed in Table A and
  • A minor (36 credit points) or second major (48 credit points) as listed in Table A or Table S
  • 12 credit points of units of study in the Open Learning Environment as listed in Table O
  • 6 credit points of foundational knowledge units of study for dentistry selected from:
    - BIOL1XX3, or BIOL1XX6, or BIOL1XX7 or BIOL1XX8
  • one zero credit point unit of study (SDDP1011)
  • Where appropriate, elective units from Table A and Table S
  • If enrolled in the Dalyell stream, complete the requirements for the stream as specified in Table A or Table S.
  • 192 credit points to qualify for the award of the Doctor of Dental Medicine.

See the Bachelor of Science sample enrolment to plan your degree structure.

Table S - Interdisciplinary Studies (Shared pool)

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine can complete a second major or minor through the shared pool of majors and minors.

The available subject areas and their requirements can be found in the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook.

Table O - Open Learning Environment (OLE)

Students are required to complete at least 12 credit points in units of study from the Open Learning Environment (OLE).

Details of available OLE units can be found in Table O in the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook.