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Veterinary Studies and Veterinary Clinical Studies

Learning outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Veterinary Studies and Master of Veterinary Clinical Studies degree will:

No. Course learning outcome
1 Apply expert knowledge and skills in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of individual animal disease or dysfunction and herd or other group problems.
2 Resolve complex or novel problems by utilising specialist theoretical knowledge.
3 Work effectively both independently and as part of a team with creativity, initiative and accountability.
4 Justify, interpret and effectively deliver and defend research outcomes, technical research findings and evidence-based solutions or case reports in written, visual and oral modes of communication, to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
5 Apply advanced clinical research principles and skills to identify and further investigate the current breadth and depth of knowledge in a specific disciplinary area.
6 Apply advanced ethical principles in conducting research, demonstrating a strong understanding of the Research Code of Conduct.
7 Create and maintain safe working conditions through a strong understanding of Occupational Health and Safety Policy in research and laboratory environments.
8 Contribute to and maintain a research culture by applying advanced clinical skills in research project management, data collection and analysis.