Related websites

For information of the activities of the American Association on Mental Retardation

Australian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability

Australian Center on Quality of Life
ACQOL has the aim of facilitating research into quality of life. This site contains several types of resources including a directory of instruments with over 600 entries, a bibliography with over 6,000 entries, data sites and notices of QOL conferences. It also contains links to other related sites, theses, links to chat groups, etc. This site is maintained by Deakin University and all information can be scanned or downloaded free of charge.

Disability Information Online Directory
A directory with over 2,000 disability related links including books, videos etc.

Disability Studies Association
The website is hosted by the Disability Studies Association, a UK based network concerned with expansion of knowledge that relates to the social model of disability.

International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability (IASSID)
The International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities is an international and interdisciplinary scientific non governmental organization with official relations with the World Health Organization. IASSID has special interest research groups on Aging, Families, Health Issues, Mental Health, Parenting, Profound Multiple Disability, Quality of Life

NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care

Tizard Center - University of Kent at Canterbury
The primary aims of the centre through research, teaching and consultancy are: 1. to find out more about how to support and work with people effectively; 2. to help carers, managers and professionals develop the values, knowledge and skills that enable better services to help policy-makers, planners, managers and practitioners organise and provide better services.
The Tizard Centre is one of the leading academic groups in the UK working in learning disability, mental health and services for older people. It has excellent links with social service departments, health authorities and other relevant organisations.
The Centre provides short courses and degree and diploma programmes at the University of Kent at Canterbury and elsewhere and also has an extensive programme of consultancy and research both nationally and internationally.

University of Illinois at Chicago RRTC on Aging and Developmental Disabilities
To obtain information about aging and intellectual disabilities - Operates a clearinghouse of published materials.