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13 March 2020

Infrastructure Governance Incubator: From Strategic Planning to Project Delivery

The proposed ‘Infrastructure Governance Incubator’ will take a comprehensive approach to the three-fold infrastructure governance challenges identified above. It makes a multidisciplinary effort to bring engineering, economic, and socio-spatial sciences together as part of an integrated infrastructure governance model for Australian cities.

26 February 2020

Practitioner in Residence Presentations

An important program of the Henry Halloran Trust is our Practitioner in Residence Program where an experienced practitioner undertakes a research project under the supervision of Dr Michael Bounds. On February 26th, two of our recent practitioner graduates will present their findings.

16 January 2020

Warren Halloran AM

Warren Halloran, whose generous donation to the University of Sydney helped establish the Henry Halloran Trust, passed away on January 3rd, 2020. 

21 November 2019

Just rezone it and they will come?

In recent years there has been a strong movement back to the values of strategic planning with a greater focus on a vision for our cities together with local strategic planning statements for our areas.

05 October 2019

Urban Research Festival (01)

As cities become the most popular places for people to live, they face a multitude of challenges. Problems of urban congestion, housing affordability, infrastructure financing, social isolation, scarce water and energy resources, environmental sustainability and effective governance require immediate attention. However, in Australia there is very limited urban research being undertaken to address these issues.