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I Wouldn't Start From Here

23 April 2015
Towards the transport revolution Sydney needs

The NSW government is about to spend a significant amount of money on transport in Sydney. Will it deliver the Sydney we need? Dr Tim Williams gives an overview and answers questions from our panel of transport planning professionals.

Image of Tim in a room with tables and chairs

Dr Tim Williams is CEO of The Committee for Sydney and a part-time Principal with global consultancy Arup. Before coming to Australia in late 2010, Tim was recognised as one of the UK's thought-leaders in urban regeneration and economic development for his role in developing East London as CEO of the Thames Gateway London Partnership.

He has also served as a special advisor on urban development, governance, city strategy and planning to 5 successive UK cabinet ministers, and to the Mayor of London. His work for the Committee for Sydney focuses on the Big City policy issues in policy-making for Sydney.

Its work with the NSW Government on the Financial Services Knowledge Hub and developing Sydney as a Global Talent Hub has influenced both public policy and private sector best practice. He is passionate about the contribution great public transport, walking and cycling plays in improving the liveability and productivity of cities.

Following Tim's presentation we will open the discussion to attendees and our panel of transport planning professionals. Panellists include;

  • Prof. Corinne Mulley
    The University of Sydney, Business School
    Professor Corinne Mulley is the founding Chair in Public Transport at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies
  • Liz Reedy
    Western Sydney Community Forum
    Transport Development Worker.
    Currently working in Public Transport Usability Research, Liz has spent twelve years working across Transport NSW, Railcorp and an Independent NSW transport safety and reliability regulator.