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The Fourth Urban Research Festival

11 May 2017
Research highlights in urban housing and infrastucture
Last night our speakers showcased some of the research supported by the Trust and celebrated the launch of Dr Dallas Rogers' new book The Geopolitics of Real Estate: Reconfiguring Property, Capital and Rights.

The Urban Housing Lab, funded by the Trust's research incubator scheme, provides a research platform for examining and promoting change in housing market dynamics in Sydney.

Keiran Thomas

Keiran Thomas

Attendees heard from our Urban Housing Lab Practitioner in Residence Keiran Thomas.

Mr Thomas discussed how the NSW Government is using codification to encourage housing supply in Sydney. The codification is designed to override local housing design, volume and location controls, where these are perceived to obstruct higher residential density. Mr Thomas' paper recently received the Chief Commissioner's Award for Research and Innovation at the Greater Sydney Planning Awards.

Dallas Rogers

Dr Dallas Rogers

Dr Dallas Rogers from the School of Architecture Design and Planning discussed his research on agonistic community engagement in planning, Understanding community knowledge, community demand and structural constraints

His new book "The Geopolitics of Real Estate: Reconfiguring Property, Capital and Rights" was formally launched prior to the lectures.

Patrick Harris

Dr Patrick Harris

Dr Patrick Harris from the Menzies Centre for Health Policy presented on research investigating how health impacts were covered in four major transport infrastructure project's environmental assessments:

  • Westconnex M4 East
  • NorthConnex
  • Sydney CBD and South-East Light Rail in NSW
  • 2010 Darlington Upgrade in South Australia 

In his presentation, Dr Harris also made recommendations for future policy, practice and research.