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Disruptive urbanism with the Urban Housing Lab

27 June 2017
The rise of "disruptive technologies" and the "sharing economy"
Last night speakers from various universities gathered to discuss research on the implications of disruptive urbanism for cities and urban policy.

Disruptive urbanism is a new movement underpinned by the emergence of the "sharing economy" and "disruptive technologies". Their emergence have profound yet largely unexamined implications for cities and urban policy.

Advocates of this movement claim that they can solve problems such as urban congestion and unaffordable housing by unleashing spare capacity within existing homes, offices, and transport systems through services such as Airbnb, and Uber. However, research on these practices and the ways in which urban policy makers might respond remains very limited.

birds-eye view of highways


This public event presented new research on ride-sharing, shared work spaces and online home-sharing to examine how different forms and modes of the “sharing economy” are manifesting in cities and regions, and their implications for urban living.

View the event poster (pdf, 225KB).