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Housing Sydney's key workers

27 March 2018
Research and policy solutions to house Sydney's key workers
Professor Nicole Gurran presented her research findings on key workers' living and work situations and potential solutions to help them afford housing in the communities they serve.
a chart showing key workers' salaries, number of years needed to save for a home deposit, and median Sydney house prices


Key workers including teachers, nurses, police, fire and emergency workers perform essential public services. However they are increasingly squeezed out of global city housing markets.

This seminar and panel discussion examined recent research on where Sydney’s key workers live and work, and outlined potential policy or market solutions to help key workers afford homes in the communities they serve.

The presentation of the research findings by Professor Nicole Gurran was be followed by a panel discussion with industry representatives.

The research is supported by the Teachers Mutual Bank, Firefighters Mutual Bank, Police Bank and My Credit Union.