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Living with water: questions for policy and action

17 January 2019
Rethinking life with water
A public policy roundtable drew scholars and professionals together to explore how climate change is forcing communities to rethink and rework how they live with water.

What adaptive responses have we witnessed to water under-supply, contamination, and changing landscapes, and what needs to change? What policy strategies and social collaborations are necessary to effect political influence and how can we narrate policy success?

In this roundtable, panelists applied their diverse expertise to the challenges of how we reform urban planning and community engagement, attend to Indigenous housing, contend with extractive industries, and develop legal, policy and political responses for even more challenging futures.

a defense building on water


This public policy roundtable featured:

  • Tessa Lea - Chair, Housing for Health Incubator
  • Josie Douglas - Principal Policy Officer, Central Land Council
  • Aron Chang - Urban designer, New Orleans
  • Robert Griew - Principal, Nous Group
  • David Morris - CEO, Environmental Defenders Office NSW

Organiser: Housing for Health Incubator at the University of Sydney

Funded by: Henry Halloran TrustFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sydney Medical School, the Fred Hollows Foundation and the Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity.

The Incubator thanks the Sydney Environment Institute and the Global Water Institute for providing additional sponsorship for this event.