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The Festival of Urbanism: City Limits

1 August 2016
Sydney is Australia’s global city
In a city undergoing rapid growth, constrained by its unique geography and until recently limited infrastructure investment, its residents are experiencing a number of issues, ranging from traffic congestion, crowded public facilities, anxiety about increasing densities, the challenges of climate change and pressures on open space.

In this environment, the festival examines what opportunities are there for better approaches to city building that might address some of these issues. A particular theme of the Festival will be the potential for new technology to provide a solution to some of these difficult problems and to address the question of what really makes a smart city.

Now in its third year, the festival provides a vital platform for discussion, reflection and comment and exposes the citizens of Sydney to a range of ideas from academics from the University of Sydney and elsewhere.

Image of three people conversing in a crowded place
Image of a lecture in progress
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Image of two people conversing
Image of a lecture in progress
Image of a lecture in progress