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Why can't you afford a home?

18 October 2018
2018 Henry Halloran Trust Annual Lecture
Last night Dr Josh Ryan-Collins delivered a lecture based on his new book which argues that the housing affordability crises facing Anglo-Saxon economies has its roots in long-term shifts in fiscal policy.

About the speaker

Head shot of Dr Josh Ray Colins

Dr Josh Ray Colins

Dr Josh Ryan-Collins is Head of Research at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London. Before joining IIPP, Josh was Senior Economist at the New Economics Foundation, one of the UK’s leading think tanks.

Josh is the author of two co-authored books: Where Does Money Come From? and Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing which was featured in the Financial Times’s economics editor Martin Wolf’s top summer reads of 2017. His new book Why can’t you afford a home will be released in Australia in November this year.