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FoU 2020 Research Grants

Making Better Places

The Henry Halloran Trust has released an expression of interest for a new research grant targeted at Early Career Researchers.

The grants are for up to 10k and are addressed at the broad theme – Making Better Places – what we have learnt from the 2020 Bushfire season and COVID19.

The successful applicants will present the results of the research at the 2020 Festival of Urbanism which will be held in November 2020.

Download Information for Applicants (pdf, 605kb)

How to apply

Download Application Form (pdf, 138kb)

Applications close on 21st July.

For enquiries please contact:

Kim Beecroft
Administration Manager

Past Strategic Partnership Grants

Health in strategic planning

Cities shape our day-to-day behaviours, and determine equity of access to the services and infrastructure essential to flourish in modern life. The focus of this report is on this broader conceptualisation of the relationship between cities and health. Our specific intent is to investigate how health was considered in several episodes of strategic planning in Sydney, Australia, between 2014 and 2017.

Including health and health equity in strategic land use planning in the Sydney area

This partnership project investigates the inclusion of health and health equity in three 'district' plans being developed and implemented under Sydney's metropolitan strategic planning framework. The project provides a unique opportunity to further develop a translational partnership and interdisciplinary approach to policy research to inform future partnership projects

Grant: $27,640

Community engagement for the 'hard-to-reach': trialling participatory social network mapping in Tasmania

The issue of how to build community engagement and promote pathways to economic and social inclusion for the most excluded social groups is one of the most vexed areas of social policy. This project addresses this concern through an innovative approach designed to avoid ‘benevolent othering’ in areas where place-based stigma creates division and social exclusion that extend to within the neighbourhood itself.

Grant: $27,895