Search results per page (20 - 500)
Limit number of lines in report output (no warning if limit exceeded)
Heurist search string to execute when loading the search page
for example, tag:Favourites

Search MyBookmarks only
How do you spell Favourites/Favorites?


Show current search query in browser search field
Show Favourites link in search screen navigation panel
Show Aggregations link in search screen navigation panel
Show My Bookmarks section in the search screen navigation panel
Show Navigation menu in search screen even when navigation panel is open


Load related records below search
(leave off if not required)
Automatically select related records
Automatically deselect when changing active level in search


When exiting record edit, prompt for tags if no tags have been set
When entering a pointer field in record edit, default to recent records search (otherwise All Records)

Use the link below to add a bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. The bookmarklet captures highlighted
text from a web page and creates an Internet Bookmark record, extracting certain fields (DOI, ISBN, ISSN etc.).

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar:    Note: this bookmarklet not yet debugged