This is the first book of Mahabharata, and provides a number of key origin stories. It explains the origins of mythical objects, such as the amerta, the liquid of immortality, produced by the churning of the World Ocean. It also provides stories of origin of the key figures, groups or families from the Mahabharata. Thus the lineage of the ksatriya or nobles is explained, providing the ancestry of the Pandawa and Korawa families, the descendants of Bharata who will fight in the great battle later in the narrative. It also narrates the origins of the brahmins or brahmana, the priestly lineage who are at times in conflict with the ksatriya, and at other times their allies for the holding of ceremonies. Other key forces are presented by the divine eagle, Garuda, and the story of his obtaining of the amerta is narrated. The other important force in the cosmos is represented by the naga, the serpents who are Garuda's cousins. In various stories they interact with other groups.

09.0728 Adiparwa

09.0740 Adiparwa?

09.0741 Adiparwa

09.0742 Garuda

09.0779 Garuda Nawasanga

09.1107 Churning of the World Ocean

1468-105 The snake sacrifice of Janamejaya

1624-1 A priest summons animals to fight demons, a king and his wife?

1983-2 Adiparwa, Garuda fighting for the amerta

2201: Pamuteran Mandara Giri

3515-2 Garuda

3525-26 Adiparwa, burning of the forest

3525-44 Adiparwa: Jaratkaru talks to his grandparents who hang upside down

3525-55 Adiparwa: Burning of the Kandawa Forest

3525-64 Hell scene (swarga)

3654-22 Garuda

5386-24 Garuda

6090-2 Adiparwa: Battle of Gods and Demons

6207-211 Adiparwa Garuda seeking the amerta

6207-212 Adiparwa: beheading of Kala Rahu

637-1 Beheading of Kala Rahu

650-1 Adiparwa: Churning of the World Ocean

788-82 Adiparwa, Bhatari Sri with the amerta

809-147 Adiparwa: Samudramanthana

809-153 Adiparwa: Uttangka

809-161 Adiparwa? Story of King Parikset (or the false priest?)

AM E074161 Swarga, Adiparwa, Jaratkaru

AM E074162 Samudramanthana

AM E074163 Samudramanthana

AM E074170 Adiparwa, Bagawan Sumitra

AM E074173 Adiparwa

AM E074180 Adiparwa

AM E074225

AM E076403 Samudramanthana

AM E076405 Swarga

AM E094631 Garuda Nawa Sanga

AM E094645 Adiparwa ‘Sunda Upasunda’

AMNH 70.0/8318 Adiparwa: Sang Weda and Uttangka

AMNH 70.2/1106 Adiparwa: Story of Garuda

AMNH 70.2/1107 Adiparwa: Mythological scenes

AMNH 70.2/1112 Adiparwa: Burning of Khandawa forest

AMNH 70.2/1116 Adiparwa: Burning of Khandawa forest

AMNH 70.2/1121 Adiparwa: Conflict between Rama Parasu and nobility

AMNH 70.2/1136 Adiparwa: Churning of Ocean of Milk

AMNH 70.3/1494 Adiparwa: Story of Garuda

AMNH 70.3/4182

Adiparwa: A king shoots a snake

Adiparwa: Churning of the World Ocean

Adiparwa: Garuda amerta/nawasanga

Adiparwa: Janamejaya's naga sacrifice

Adiparwa: Janamejaya's sacrifice

Adiparwa: Sunda and Upasunda

Adiparwa: Sunda and Upasunda

Adiparwa: battle of the gods and demons

Adiparwa: the conflict of Brahmana and Ksatriya

Adiparwa: the lineage of the Bagawan

B200 Story: Jarat Karu seeks out his father, Begawan Tapa, who is suffering in Hell.

B252 Story: Krishna hunting in the jungle of Andaguna.

B517 Story: Begawan Sumamitra and the Magic Bull.

B593 Story: from the Adiparwa.

B90-05 Adiparwa

B90-07 Adiparwa, Pamuteran Mandara Giri

B90-12 Adiparwa

Haks 024 Adiparwa

Haks 359 Adiparwa Garuda story

S821 Garudeya Story

S857 Haks 330 Adiparwa?

S902 Garudeya

S957 Haks 119 Sunda and Upasunda