Aji Darma

The Aji Darma or Angling Dharma (also Ari Dharma) narrates a series of tales revolving around the king, Angling Darma, who can understand the speech of the animals. The key parts of the story are his dealings with Naga Taksaka (Anantaboga in some versions) and his daughter, Nagini, who is caught having sex with a commoner snake; his refusal to tell his wife of his secret of how to hear the animals' speaking, leading to her suicide; his period of wandering in which he encounters the witches; and the story of demon who disguised himself as a brahmana.

1936-20 Aji Darma

2487: Adidharma

3525-12 Aji Darma

AM E074210

AMNH 70.2/1114 Aji Darma: Hunting scene

B229 Story: Sang Aji Darma and the Two Goats.

B330 Story: Sang Aji Derma, with I Anteboga writing magic letters on his tongue.

B331 Story: Sang Aji Darma killing snake.

B332 Story: Sang Aji Darma having his head lice removed.

B333 Story: Sang Aji Darma hears the goats speaking, at his own cremation.

B335 Story: Sang Aji Derma; the Snake Princess lies to her father, the Snake King.

B336 Story: Sang Aji Darma as a black dog, with his two wives.

B337 Story: Sang Aji Darma going hunting.

B364 Story: Sang Aji Darma and his wife, tells his servants to tell Anteboga that he has killed Dedeles.

B409 Story: Sang Aji Darma.

B549.1 Story: Sang Aji Darma when he discovers the Snake Princess making love with the Commoner Snake, Sang Gele Deles.

B562 Story: Begawan Darma Swami.

B711.06 Story: Aji Darma discovers the lovers, Naga Gini and Ula Tampar.

B78 Sorcery: witches (leyak) carrying off babies. One is giving baby's intes-tines to a dog to eat. Episode from Aji Darma story. Aji Darma is the dog.

B79 Story: Sang Aji Darma, the moment when he decides not to commit suicide.

B81 Story: Sang Aji Darma: the scene where he is sleeping with his wife and listening to the lizards talking to each other.

B9 Story: Sang Aji Darma.

Haks 135 A demon took the form of a priest

Haks 356