The Amad-Muhammad story tells of the two brothers with these names. It is a series of adventures set in the Middle East, where the brothers encounter a series of allies and enemies, including Dewi Soja and Siti Breghdab. The stories were performed in gambuh in Batuan, and hence were frequent topics for the artists of that village.

3525-74 Amad-Muhamad: Amad on the elephant.


B017 Story: I Amad and I Muhamad are each given a kris by their father.

B018 Story: I Amad fights Rakasa Putih in his cave.

B154 Story: I Amad and Ni Suroja.

B156 Story: I Amad deceived by Siti Beregedab.

B157.2 Story: I Amad and Ni Suroja.

B198 Story: I Amad and the two jinn fighting over their inheritance.

B211 Story: the kepuh tree, the crow and the snake, when the crow steals Amad's clothes.

B233 Story: I Amad and the Flying Elephant.

B271 Story: I Amad arrives at the Palace of Sodja.

B286 Story: I Amad carried away by the elephant.

B406 Story: I Amad and Ni Seroja.

B528 Story: Amad in Mesir, on flying elephant.

B55 Story: I Amad flying on magic horse.

B571.2 I Amad and I Mohamad go to their father for the magic krisses.

B639 Story: I Amad defended by Ratna Ning Sekar.

B644 Story: I Amad's magic is stolen by Isteri Beregedab.

B685 Story: I Amad in the forest killing the men in iron armor with a magic kris.

B92 Story: I Amad cuts off a branch of the kastuba tree.

Haks 192 Amad

Haks 198 Amad

Haks 268 Amad