Tells of the Pandawa brother, from the period in the Mahabharata when the Pandawas are in exile. Arjuna meditates in the forest, but his mediation means that he will gain power that threatens the gods, so they send heavenly nymphs, led by Suprabha, to tempt him away from his asceticism. They fail to do so. Arjuna then meets a hunter, and fights him over the claim that each fired the arrow that killed a boar. The hunter turns out to be Siwa in disguise, and he gives Arjuna the Pasupati arrow of power. Arjuna and Suprabha then go out to deal with the demon Niwatakawaca, who threatens the world. Suprabha seduces the demon in order to find out that his invulnerability does not extend to his tongue, meaning that Arjuna can then kill Niwatakawaca.

03-1656 Arjunawiwaha

09.0729 Arjunawiwaha

09.0730 Arjunawiwaha

09.0771 Arjunawiwaha

09.0772 Suprabha Duta (Arjunawiwaha)

09.0802: Arjunawiwaha

1615-3 Arjunawiwaha

2058-1 Schilderij voorstellend de verleiding van Arjuna door de hemelnymfen uit de Arjuna Wiwaha

3445-1a Arjunawiwaha

788-83 Arjunawiwaha

809-148 Schildering voorstellende de verleiding van Arjuna door de hemelnimfen

809-149 Arjunawiwaha

909-15 Arjunawiwaha

964-5 Arjunawiwaha

AM E074164 Arjuna Metapa

AM E074165 Arjuna Metapa

AM E074166 Arjuna Metapa

AM E074200 Arjuna Matapa

AM E074201 Arjunawiwaha

AM E074202 Arjuna Wiwaha

AM E074204

AM E074205 Death of Abimanyu

AM E074246 Arjunawiwaha

AM E074247 Arjuna Wiwaha

AM E076375

AM E076376

AM E076381 Arjunawiwaha

AM E076382 Arjunawiwaha

AM E076384 Arjunawiwaha

AM E076398 Arjunawiwaha

AM E076399

AM E076412 Arjunawiwaha

AM E090021 Arjunawiwaha

AM E090091 Arjunawiwaha

AMNH 70.0/8328 Arjunawiwaha: Defeat of Niwatakawaca

AMNH 70.2/1115 Arjunawiwaha: Arjuna's meditation

AMNH 70.2/1124: Arjunawiwaha

AMNH 70.2/1126 Bharata Yuddha: Death of Abimanyu

AMNH 70.2/1157 Arjunawiwaha: Heaven scene

Arjuna and Siwa

B227 Story: Arjuna making obeisance to Betara Siwa after fighting with him.

Haks 006 Arjuna's temptation

Haks 032

Haks 089

Haks 392 Arjuna Wiwaha

Niwata Kawaca






U1017 Haks 364