The demon Boma (Bhoma) is the child born of the rape of the earth (Goddess Pertiwi) by the boar form of Wisnu. Boma does battle with the gods, and is eventually defeated by Kresna in his cosmic (pamurtian) form.

09.0964 Boma Kawya

09.1144 Linggodbawa

1367-2 Bomantaka

1994-07 Death of Boma

3525-61 Siwa lingga image

4491-022 Death of Boma

809-143 Dewi Pertiwi mourning Boma

AM E074261 Linggodbawa

AM E076386 Bomakawya

AM E076394

AM E093482 Linggodbawa

AMNH 70.0/8321 Bomantaka (?)

AMNH 70.2/1122 Bomankata: Story of Kresna (?)

AMNH 70.2/5125 Bomantaka

AMNH 70.2/5126 Bomantaka

B135-069 The Rape of Pertiwi



Gugurnya Boma

Gugurnya Bomantaka

Lahirnya Boma

S1009.01 Linggodbawa