Calon Arang

The Witch of Dirah, Calon Arang (Rangda in Bali) spreads death and disease. Attempts to kill her by a group led by Maling Magung fail. She is challenged and defeated by the priest Mpu Bharada.

09.0726 Calon Arang

09.0782 Calonarang

09.1023 Calong Arang performance

09.1048 Calon Arang

1103-6 Leak

1103-9 Cupak

118-14 Calon Arang

1646-45 Schildering voorstellende een Leyak, die iets afsmeekt bij Rangda

1646-47 Een dansvoorstelling met Rangda en vier panakawans

1646-52 Rangda

1795-2 Rangda die door magisch trommelen lejaks (geesten) oproept

1986–3 Calon Arang performance

1987-1 A Calon Arang performance in a village

3525-21 Calon Arang, man attempts to spear l̩ak

3525-43 Calon Arang: Rangda and Mpu Baradah

3525-70 A Calon Arang performance in a village

4491-108 Calon Arang

4491-109 Calon Arang

AM E074213 Calon Arang

AM E074214 Calon Arang

AM E074260-001

AMNH 70.3/4193 Rangda

B008 Sorcery: Rangda and her assailants.

B014 Sorcery: Rangda and her disciples, Lendri and Lendi.

B071 Sorcery: men with daggers attacking Rangda.

B078 Sorcery: witches (leyak) carrying off babies. One is giving baby's intes-tines to a dog to eat. Episode from Aji Darma story. Aji Darma is the dog.

B090 Sorcery: cremation preparations with leaks.

B091 Sorcery: Rangda.

B102 Sorcery: man stealing from the temple. Rangda performs sorcery so that the people and dogs will sleep.

B103 Sorcery: Rangda and Barong.

B108 Sorcery: witches battling over a baby's corpse.

B109 Sorcery: Rangda causes epidemic and theft; exorcism ritual.

B120 Sorcery: exorcism of Betara Durga.

B135-064 Rangda and Mpu Bharada

B135-097 Rangda

B183 Story: the son of Prabu Jenggala who had the head of a water buffalo.

B196 Sorcery: Calonarang play.

B220 Rangda and her disciples.

B267 Rangda.

B290 Sorcery: Rangda.

B292 Sorcery: Rangda.

B293 Sorcery: Rangda.

B302 Sorcery: Rangda and assailants.

B326 Rangda.

B338 Sorcery: meeting of Leyaks.

B410 Sorcery: sorcerers in demon form battling in the night.

B427 Sorcery: Rangda and Her Disciples.

B462 Sorcery: Rangda's disciple, Serama.

B466 Sorcery: Rangda's disciple, Kelika.

B472 Sorcery: Betara Durga.

B534 Sorcery: Rangda and disciples.

B535 Sorcery: epidemic, many burials with witches.

B536 Sorcery: Rangda and disciples.

B544 Sorcery: a woman transforming herself into a witch.

B563 Sorcery: epidemic of deaths and thievery caused by witch.

B566 Sorcery: a madman tied up, with witches.

B600.21 Sorcery: witch and attackers.

B600.22 Sorcery: witch and woman with infant.

B637 Sorcery: men attacking selves with krisses after the Rangda has escaped.

B638 Sorcery: Calonarang Epidemic.

B702 Sorcery: illness with witch.

B711.15 Sorcery: Calonarang, Rangda and Empu Bharadah.

Calon Arang (kecil)

Calon Arang I

Calon Arang

Calon Arang

Calon Arang

Calon Arang

Calon Arang

Calon Arang

Haks 111

Haks 170 Rangda

Haks 172

Haks 199

Haks 265

Haks 355

Haks 360

Haks 362

Haks 395

Haks 405

Haks 435 Calon Arang

Haks 441

Kupu-kupu dan burung

L1141 Rangda teken Ngoenjing


Rangda being stabbed


S745 Haks 077


S786 Haks 333

S795 Calonarang

S825 Haks 314

The battle between Barong and Rangda

U1013 Haks 369 Barong and Rangda

U1022 Haks 003 Leyak

U1032 Haks 350