The major Panji story of Bali, telling of the wandering prince of Koripan, Panji, who is looking for the lost princess of Daha (Kediri), Rangkesari. Rangkesari's brother travels overseas and becomes Prabu Melayu. On return to Java, he and Panji meet in the court of the king of Gegelang, their uncle. They and their allies do battle against a coalition of kings led by Mataram, including his brother Lasem, who has married Rangkesari, although she refuses to let him consummate the marriage. After their victory over the enemy forces, Panji and Prabu Melayu, still in disguise, have a series of adventures in which Panji is eventually united with Rangkesari.

09.0732 Malat: hilang Galuh Daha

09.0733 Malat

09.0788 Malat

09.0842 Malat

143-1 Malat: celebrations at Gegelang, the canting dance

1680-1 Malat: celebration at Gegelang, canting dance

1763-1 Malat: the landing at Tuban

1882-1 Malat, Panji macangkrama

401-24 Malat

4491-094 Malat

4491-095 Malat

4897-1 Prabu Melayu or similar Malat-style figure making love to a princess

809-151 Malat, the disappearance of Rangkesari

809-155 Malat

964-6 Malat

964-7 Malat

964-8 Malat

AM E074172 Malat: canting dance

AM E074212 Malat

AM E074216 Malat

AM E074217

AM E074218

AM E074219 Malat

AM E089727 Malat

AM E093479 Malat: Nawang Rum

AM E093481 Malat hunting scene

AM E094633 Panji Malat Rasmin

AMNH 70.2/1108 Malat: Widasari battle scene

AMNH 70.2/1119 Malat: Macangkrama

AMNH 70.2/1120 Malat: the landing at Tuban by the King of Malayu

AMNH 70.2/1131 Malat: Cremation of Gajah Nuwinda (?)

AMNH 70.2/1138 Malat: Odalan at Gegelang

AMNH 70.2/1139 Malat: Panji love-sick

AMNH 70.2/1140 Malat: Suicide of kings' wives

AMNH 70.2/1144 Malat: Loss of princess(es)?

AMNH 70/1708 Malat: landing at Tuban by the king of Malayu

B135-123 Malat

B90-01 Malat

Landing at Tuban, from the 'Tale of Panji' (Kidung Malat)


Malat, Panji enters the court of Gegelang

Malat, tebek jaran

Malat: Great battle

Malat: Panji's arrival at the court of Gegelang

Malat: Pemalingan Nawang Wulan?

Malat: Pemalingan Ratnaningrat?

Malat: Utusan Gagak Baning

Malat: macangkrama

Malat: the court of Prabu Gegelang