The major epic, telling of the theft of Sita, wife of Rama, and Rama's quest to bring her back with the help of the monkey army, led by Hanuman. Paintings of the Ramayana feature major battles between the monkey army and the demon forces of king Rahwana.

0024 Ramayana: Hanuman Duta

0226: Sita Masatya (Ramayana: Labuh Geni Sita)


09.0766 Ramayana

09.0784 Ramayana: Labuh Geni Sita

09.0801 Ramayana

09.1017 Ramayana

09.1063 Ramayana: Subali and Sugriwa

09.1122 Hanuman and the demons

09.1142 Ramayana

09.778 Ramayana

118-12 Ramayana

118-13 Ramayana, Sita's ordeal by fire

1243-20 Ramayana: the bridge to Lanka

1243-24 Ramayana?

1367-1 The death of Kumbakarna

1525-1 Ramayana: battle of apes and demons

1646-54 Ramayana: theft of Sita

1646-56 Hanuman and a demon

1795-1-2 Ramayana: Kumbakarna awakes

1844-1 Ramayana, the death of Kumbakarna

2218-14 Schildering op doek, Ramayana-voorstelling

2455-47 Ramayana

2455-48 Ramayana: Sita's ordeal

2733-1 Ramayana battle scene

3525-22 Death of Kumbakarna

3525-25 Ramayana: Sugriwa fighting Subali

3525-41 Ramayana: the fight of Bali and Sugriwa

3525-47 Ramayana: Rama, Sita and Laksmana in exile

3525-58 Ramayana, Rama shoots the golden deer

3525-60 Sita's testing

3525-77 Rawana defeats Jatayu

3861-1 Ramayana: Sita's Ordeal by Fire

3969-1 Ramayana

3978-91 Schildering voorstellend een scene uit het Ramayana eops


4360-3 The theft of Sita

4487-10 Durna Laksmana wordt opnieuw tot leven gebracht door Nawa Ruci

4487-9 Anantaboga and a kneeling woman.

6344-2 Hanuman fighting naga

809-144 Ramayana: Hanuman fighting Rawana

809-146 Ramayana

809-154 Schildering voorstellende de strijd tussen de legers van Hanuman en van Rawana

809-157 Dubbelzijdige schildering voorstellende Hanuman met boog

AGNSW Ramayana, burning of Sita

AM E070532 Ramayana

AM E074160 Ramayana

AM E074168 Ramayana

AM E074169 Ramayana

AM E074171 Ramayana

AM E074175 death of Kumbakarna

AM E074179 Ramayana

AM E074184 Ramayana

AM E074186

AM E074188 Ramayana

AM E074189 Ramayana

AM E074190 Ramayana

AM E074197 Ramayana

AM E074198 Ramayana

AM E074199

AM E074221

AM E074222

AM E074223

AM E074235

AM E074236

AM E074240 Jatayu

AM E074263

AM E074633 Ramayana

AM E076374

AM E076383 Ramayana

AM E076388

AM E076389 Ramayana

AM E076391 Ramayana

AM E076397 Ramayana

AM E076406 Ramayana

AM E078915 Ramayana

AM E089480

AM E093476 Ramayana, Labuh Geni Sita

AM E093484 Ramayana

AM E093486 Ramayana

AMNH 70.0/8316 Ramayana: Sukasarana's spy mission

AMNH 70.0/8326 Ramayana: Death of Kumbakarna

AMNH 70.2/1118 Ramayana: Battle scene

AMNH 70.2/1121 Adiparwa: Conflict between Rama Parasu and nobility

AMNH 70.2/1125 Ramayana: Sukasarana's spy mission

AMNH 70.2/1128 Ramayana: Building of bridge to Lengka

AMNH 70.2/1132: Ramayana: Self-immolation of Sita

AMNH 70.3/ 5931 C Ramayana: Jatayu and Rawana

AMNH 70.3/1492 Ramayana flag

AMNH 70.3/5005 Ramayana

Anila give order to build the bridge to Lanka (Ramayana)

B135-028 Ramayana

B135-122 The death of Kumbakarna

B186 Story: Sang Baruna pays homage to King Rama.

B209 Story: Ramayana, when the Raksasa defeats the monkey heroes, Sang Punta Daksa and Sang Punta Daksi.

B266 Hanoman sets Rawana's palace on fire with his tail.

B268 Story: Hanoman sets Rawana's palace on fire with his tail.

B321 Story: The Ramayana.

B450 Story: The Fight between Subali and Sugriwa.

B711.35 Story: Serupanaka in love with Teruna Laksmana transforms herself into a beautiful woman.

Cak Ramayana

Cak Ramayana

Death of Kumbakarna

Death of Prahasta

H-940 Gana and a king?

Haks 002 the Birth of Hanuman

Haks 015 Hanuman in Lengka

Haks 028

Haks 115

Haks 437

Haks 444 Ramayana

Hanoman Kecil

Hanoman Kecil

Hanoman Mencari Makan

Hanoman and Gajah Waktra starting to their fight (Ramayana)

Hanoman on the way to Alengka (Ramayana)

Hanuman Waktu Kecil

Hanuman in Lengka

Hanuman mencari Ibu

Labuh Geni Sita

Laksmana, Sita, Rama

Ramayana 2

Ramayana 2

Ramayana with Kecak Monkey









Ramayana, Death of Kumbakarna



Ramayana: Hanuman in Lengka

Ramayana: Labuh Geni Sita

Ramayana: Labuh geni Sita

Ramayana: Rama kills (Su)Bali

Ramayana: death of Kumbakarna

Ramayana: shooting the deer

Ramayana: the battle of Subali and Sugriwa

Ramayana: the battle

Satya Geni 1

Sita's testing by Fire, Ramayana

U1014 Haks 372 Ramayana?

U1015 Haks 188

U1032.08 Haks 093 Ramayana

Untitled2 children's drawing

Untitled5_6 Hanuman, witch? and animals

Wibhisana with Rama and his forces