A series of stories-within-stories, mainly animal fables. The frame story is of the daughter of a noble, Tantri, who every night tells a different story to the king to whom she is given, so that he will not discard her. The stories involve the lion and the bull, the rulers of the forest, and provide ethical teachings.

09.0731 Tantri

09.0737 Tantri

09.1015 (?) Tantri? Encounters with creatures in a pond

118-18 Tantri, story of Mpu Darmaswami

1936-20 Aji Darma

2452: Papaka

2463: Tantri

2487: Adidharma

2713-1 Tantri.

3525-12 Aji Darma

3525-18 Battle of the lion and bull from Tantri Kamandaka

3525-28 Tantri, the turtle who wanted to fly

3525-54 Gathering of the animals

3525-59 Tantri: the turtle and the birds

3525-75 Tantri: Bagawan Darmaswami


4632: Tantri

6414-8 Mpu Darmaswami and the sick Nandaka

809-156 Tantri: the story of Nandaka

AM E074161 Swarga, Adiparwa, Jaratkaru

AM E074168 Ramayana

AM E074191 Tantri illustrating stages of painting

AM E074192 Tantri illustrating stages of painting

AM E074193 Tantri illustrating stages of painting

AM E074194 Tantri illustrating stages of painting

AM E074210

AM E074253 Tantri

AM E076387 Tantri

AMNH 70.2/1109 Tantri: Monkey and rooster

AMNH 70.2/1111 Tantri: Pancatantra animal fables

AMNH 70.2/1113 Tantri: Beginning of Tantri story

AMNH 70.2/1114 Aji Darma: Hunting scene

AMNH 70.2/1123 Tantri: Mpu Darmaswami and Nandaka

AMNH 70.2/1134 Tantri: Death of Mantri Madura

AMNH 70.2/1135 Tantri: Frame story

AMNH 70.2/1158 Tantri: Mpu Darmaswami and Pande Mas

B009 Story: Sang Aji Darma.

B011 Story: I Papaka, the Tiger and the Monkey.

B078 Sorcery: witches (leyak) carrying off babies. One is giving baby's intes-tines to a dog to eat. Episode from Aji Darma story. Aji Darma is the dog.

B079 Story: Sang Aji Darma, the moment when he decides not to commit suicide.

B081 Story: Sang Aji Darma: the scene where he is sleeping with his wife and listening to the lizards talking to each other.

B135-007 Tantri

B135-098 Tantri

B135-109 Tantri

B161 Story: The False Pedanda, Ida Gede Tonya.

B228 Story: Begawan Darma Swami.

B229 Story: Sang Aji Darma and the Two Goats.

B231 Story: the heron who pretended to be a priest.

B248 Story: I Dukuh and the Monkey.

B263 Story: I Papaka, the Monkey and the Tiger.

B264 Story: The Monkey and the Goat Who Planted Beans.

B282 Story: how the tiger was fooled by the man into tieing himself up.

B296 Story: Begawan Darma Swami and the Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Tapir.

B327 how Sang Prabu Madura was killed by the tiger.

B330 Story: Sang Aji Derma, with I Anteboga writing magic letters on his tongue.

B331 Story: Sang Aji Darma killing snake.

B332 Story: Sang Aji Darma having his head lice removed.

B333 Story: Sang Aji Darma hears the goats speaking, at his own cremation.

B335 Story: Sang Aji Derma; the Snake Princess lies to her father, the Snake King.

B336 Story: Sang Aji Darma as a black dog, with his two wives.

B337 Story: Sang Aji Darma going hunting.

B364 Story: Sang Aji Darma and his wife, tells his servants to tell Anteboga that he has killed Dedeles.

B373 Scene: village life.

B378 Story: (Begawan Darma Swami) - GB's identification

B379 Begawan Darma Swami

B385 Story: how the monkey deceived the tiger into giving him turtle meat to eat.

B386 Story: (?) Monkey and Tiger.

B409 Story: Sang Aji Darma.

B414 Story: The False Pedanda. (Ida Gede Tonya)

B416 Story: (?) Baby monkeys eating a snake.

B432 Story: Begawan Darma Swami.

B442 Story: I Papaka and the Monkey.

B476 Story: The two monkeys and I Papaka.

B501 Story: I Papaka and the Monkey.

B521 Story: I Papaka and the Monkey.

B549.1 Story: Sang Aji Darma when he discovers the Snake Princess making love with the Commoner Snake, Sang Gele Deles.

B551 Story: I Papaka and the Monkey.

B561 Story: (?) Man kills dog or deer.

B562 Story: Begawan Darma Swami.

B600.35 Sang Lutung and Sang Godogan, The Monkey and the Frog (1).

B600.36 Sang Lutung and Sang Godogan, The Monkey and the Frog (2).

B600.37 Sang Lutung and Sang Godogan, The Monkey and the Frog (3).

B600.38 Sang Lutung and Sang Godogan, The Monkey and the Frog (4).

B711.06 Story: Aji Darma discovers the lovers, Naga Gini and Ula Tampar.

B711.11 Story: the elephant attacked by bird, frog, and bee.

Darma Suarmi frees Sunangkara (Tantri Narrative)


Haks 012 Tantri

Haks 253 Tantri

Haks 260 Tantri lion and bull

Haks 261 Lion chasing woman and monkey

Haks 264

Haks 356

Haks 389 Tantri: Nandaka

Haks 423 Tantri

Haks 525 Tantri

Klesih dadi Raja (Tantri)

L1091 Tantri Batara Taskara

Mourning for the murder of I Gusti Wayan (Tantri Narrative)

Pertemuan Binatang (Tantri Narrative)

S720 Haks 072

S737.1 Haks 325

S744 Tantri

S748 Haks 303

S749 Haks 299 Tantri: Mpu Darmaswami

S781 Haks 298 Tantri

S782 Haks 240 Tantri

S788 Haks 262 Tantri

S819 Haks 219

S827 Haks 157

S983 Haks 375

Tantri (Conflict of Lion and Bull)

Tantri Episode

Tantri Singa Lembu

Tantri Singa vs Lembu

Tantri scene













Tantri, Pepakah

Tantri: the monkey, frog and crab and gong in a tree

The Ageing Heron (Tantri Narrative)

The Struggle for Power in the animal kingdom (Tantri Narrative)

The priest who is greedy for money (Tantri Narrative)

The priest who is greedy for money (Tantri Narrative)