Astrological calendar (also Pelelintangan). These calendars show the Balinese month, with consists of 35 days, the combination of the seven-day week (vertical columns) and the five-day week (horizontal). The top row depicts the gods and related symbolic forms that govern each week-day, while the bottom shows animal figures connected to the days.

03-0551 Palelintangan

09.0749 Palelintangan and Swarga

09.749? or 750? Palelintangan

109-1 Palelintangan

1554-12 Palintangan

415-7 Palelintangan

503?: Pelintangan

5057: Pelintangan

5977-46 Palintangan

809-145 Palintangan

AM E074228 Pelintangan

AM E074229 Pelintangan

AM E074233 Pelintangan

AM E074234 Pelintangan

AM E090022 Palintangan

AM E094635 Palelintangan/ Plindon Calendar

AMNH 70.0/8319 Palintangan

AMNH 70.0/8325 Palintangan

AMNH 70.2/1129 Palintangan calendar

AMNH 70.2/1133: Palelintangan