Collected by Bateson and Mead

The collection made by Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead as part of their field work in Bali 1937-1939

AMNH 70.0/8305 Kajang

AMNH 70.0/8307 Hell scene

AMNH 70.0/8308 Hell scene

AMNH 70.0/8310 Heaven scene

AMNH 70.0/8314 Gatotkacasraya: Abimanyu in the graveyard

AMNH 70.0/8315 Bharata Yuddha (?): Marching to battle

AMNH 70.0/8316 Ramayana: Sukasarana's spy mission

AMNH 70.0/8317 Smaradahana: Burning of Smara

AMNH 70.0/8318 Adiparwa: Sang Weda and Uttangka

AMNH 70.0/8319 Palintangan

AMNH 70.0/8320 Gods

AMNH 70.0/8321 Bomantaka (?)

AMNH 70.0/8322 Bimaswarga: Bima fighting demons

AMNH 70.0/8323 Bharata Yuddha (?): Marching to battle (?)

AMNH 70.0/8324 Brayut: Ktut Subaya's marriage

AMNH 70.0/8325 Palintangan

AMNH 70.0/8326 Ramayana: Death of Kumbakarna

AMNH 70.0/8327 Bimaswarga: Bima upturning a cauldron

AMNH 70.0/8328 Arjunawiwaha: Defeat of Niwatakawaca

AMNH 70.3/4182

AMNH 70.3/4184

AMNH 70.3/4189 Unen-unen (tonja ane malu)

AMNH 70.3/4192 Bubuksah

AMNH 70.3/4193 Rangda

AMNH 70.3/4194

AMNH 70.3/4195 Village scene?

AMNH 70.3/4196

AMNH 70.3/4197 Painting

B001 Ritual: at Nyepi, nerag--chasing away demons.

B002 Ritual: at Nyepi, meserani.

B003 Story: the creation of the Holy Spring.

B004 Scene: boys playing.

B006 Scene: woman carrying offerings with boy and dog.

B007 Figure: Guardian Demon of the Household killing Snake-Demons.

B008 Sorcery: Rangda and her assailants.

B009 Story: Sang Aji Darma.


B011 Story: I Papaka, the Tiger and the Monkey.

B012 Performance: Barong Landung

B013 Story: The Fight between I Gerantang and Raksasa Benaroe. (I Cupak)

B014 Sorcery: Rangda and her disciples, Lendri and Lendi.

B015 Story: Demon in chains.

B016 Story: Raksasa Putih abducting Isteri Bergedab.

B017 Story: I Amad and I Muhamad are each given a kris by their father.

B018 Story: I Amad fights Rakasa Putih in his cave.

B019 Sorcery: looking for crickets at night surrounded by bad spirits.

B020 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demons of Five Directions.

B021 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demons of Five Directions.

B023 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demons of Five Directions.

B024 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing

B025 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demons of Five Directions.

B026 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Sixth Month.

B027 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Crossroad.

B028 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Twelfth Month.

B029 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Eleventh Month.

B030 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B031 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the First Month.

B032 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, The Demon of the Market Place.

B033 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, The Demon of the Foodsellers of the Cockfight.

B034 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Third Month.

B035 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Eighth Month.

B036 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, The Demon of the Slaughtering.

B037 Ritual: the sengguhu priest prays while his assistants play special in-struments.

B038 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Tenth Month.

B039 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Fourth Month.

B040 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Fifth Month.

B042 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Second Month.

B043 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Seventh Month.

B046 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, The Demon of the Heart.

B047 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, The Demon of the Pancreas

B049 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, The Demon of the Liver.

B053 Ritual: for appeasing the demons of the sea and ending a 3-year drought (mecaru melabuh gentuh).

B054 Story: Rare Angon and Leban Kori escaping from her grandmother by turning the sea into fire.

B055 Story: I Amad flying on magic horse.

B057 Scene: children's game

B059 Scene: people playing moros-orosang.

B060 Scene: people fighting with a kris.

B061 Scene: children catching grasshoppers.

B062 Scene: catching crickets.

B069.1 Scene: soldier in western shorts cutting off a man's head.

B070 Scene: making palm-wine.

B071 Sorcery: men with daggers attacking Rangda.

B072 Scene: two men fighting, with four seated men cheering them on

B073 Scene: village, with two women respectfully addressing a pedanda.

B074 Scene: hunting in the forest

B075 Scene: men leading cattle, two bulls fighting.

B076 Scene: village.

B077 Scene: man and woman making love.

B078 Sorcery: witches (leyak) carrying off babies. One is giving baby's intes-tines to a dog to eat. Episode from Aji Darma story. Aji Darma is the dog.

B079 Story: Sang Aji Darma, the moment when he decides not to commit suicide.

B080 Scene: people going off to war.

B081 Story: Sang Aji Darma: the scene where he is sleeping with his wife and listening to the lizards talking to each other.

B082 Scene: children playing buying and selling food.

B083 Scene: boys playing.

B085 Ritual: Temple festival.

B086 Scene: children playing.

B088 Scene: making and drinking palm-wine.

B089 Story: (?) Hero fighting snake.

B090 Sorcery: cremation preparations with leaks.

B091 Sorcery: Rangda.

B092 Story: I Amad cuts off a branch of the kastuba tree.

B093 Story: (?) Snake with royal headdress carrying three men on back.

B094 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Buta Sungsang.

B095 Story: Basur the sorcerer transforms himself into Rangda.

B096 Story: Basur telling his son his suit was rejected

B097 Story: Basur as Rangda afflicts the girl, Sukasti, with illness in re-venge.

B098 Story: Basur transforming himself into Rangda.

B099 Story: Basur preparing to perform ritual to transform himself into Rangda.

B100 Story: I Basur asking to marry I Sukasti to his son Tegaron.

B101 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing of Bedawang and S. Nawa Ruci.

B102 Sorcery: man stealing from the temple. Rangda performs sorcery so that the people and dogs will sleep.

B103 Sorcery: Rangda and Barong.

B104 Story: Soeta Soma and Gajah Bermuka.

B105 Ritual: Mabiukaonan, personal purification.

B106 Scene: hunting.

B107 Scene: herding ducks.

B108 Sorcery: witches battling over a baby's corpse.

B109 Sorcery: Rangda causes epidemic and theft; exorcism ritual.

B110 Sorcery: woman performing ritual to transform herself into a leyak.

B112 Story: Betara Kala devouring the moon.

B113 Story: Gusti Wayan, killed by the Prince who desired Gusti Wayan's wife.

B114 Story: gathering wood in the magic forest to make kris handles.

B115 Ritual: asking for holy water, from the pedanda.

B117 Ritual: Pedanda sprinkles holy water on small child on Kajeng Kliwon.

B118 Scene: cutting firewood for cremation.

B119 Ritual: carrying a sanghyang dedari.

B120 Sorcery: exorcism of Betara Durga.

B121 Performance: Genggong orchestra in Batuan.

B122 Story: Cupak and Garuda.

B123 Ritual: bathing the body before funeral.

B124 Scene: temple with pool and bathing place.

B125 Story: 'The Turtle Who Would Not Listen to the Advice of His Friends'

B126 Story: The Story of the False Pedanda, Ida Gede Tonya.

B127 Story: Sang Suratma, the Recording Demon in Hell.

B127.1 Ritual: digging up bones of dead man for cremation.

B131 Story: the man who had a wife who turned into a leech.

B132 Story: The Killing of Batur Taskara.

B134 Story: Bima attacks the demon-guardians of hell.

B135 Story: Sang Kul Putih and the First People in Bali.

B136 Story: King Beda Ulu. (Mayadanawa)

B137 Story: Betara Kala.

B138 Scene: artist at work.

B139 Story: the Lightning Demon.

B140 Ritual: people playing ende, a ritual game of Karangasem.

B141 Ritual: sprinkling holy water before putting offerings up on altar

B142 Ritual: Pedanda Siwa going to ceremony.

B143 Scene: thief captured.

B144 Ritual: Pedanda Buda going home from ceremony.

B145 Ritual: royal wedding procession. (The picture filmed while being made.)

B146 Ritual: bringing the sekah, temporary receptacle for a dead soul, to the sea to send it away.

B147 Ritual: Nguyeg--grinding to powder the ashes of the cremated body before ngirim, sending off the soul.

B149 Ritual: small child brought to pedanda for ritual purification.

B150 Scene: rice fields, hoeing and carrying away harvested rice.

B151 Scene: abduction of a bride.

B153 Ritual: royal wedding procession.

B154 Story: I Amad and Ni Suroja.

B155 Scene: everyday life. Temple by stream.

B156 Story: I Amad deceived by Siti Beregedab.

B157 Scene: boys bathing the water buffalo.

B157.1 Story: Bhima Suarga: Bhima in Hell.

B157.2 Story: I Amad and Ni Suroja.

B158 Story: The Crow, the Kepuh Tree, and the Snake.

B159 Story: Ida Gede Tonya, the False Pedanda, and the Real Pedanda.

B160 Scene: coming home from plowing.

B161 Story: The False Pedanda, Ida Gede Tonya.

B162 Scene: hunting.

B163 Scene: bringing home the cows.

B164 Scene: catching dragonflies.

B165 Scene: catching grasshoppers.

B166 Sorcery: catching crickets at night, with evil spirit threatening from be-hind.

B167 Scene: catching a pig.

B168 Story: Gunnung Sari kills Jayaanti.

B169 Scene: flying kites.

B170 Scene: guarding the corn from the monkeys.

B171 Story: Mantri Koripan and His Son in the Shape of a Pig (3).

B172 Story: Mantri Koripan and His Son in the Shape of a Pig (1).

B173 Story: Mantri Koripan and His Son in the Shape of a Pig (4).

B174 Story: Mantri Koripan and His Son in the Shape of a Pig (2).

B175 Story: Prabu Kudawiserengga kills his daughter Tuwaniadjeng.

B176 Scene: hunters.

B177 Scene: catching flying foxes.

B178 bringing home the rice harvest.

B180 Performance: traveling masked show and gamblers.

B181 Story: Dewa Agung Klungkung and his son, Gusti Gde Gumijar of Mengwi.

B182 Story: Babad Dalem Gelgel.

B183 Story: the son of Prabu Jenggala who had the head of a water buffalo.

B184 Story: Prabu Astina.

B185 Story: the two boys born of a tiger and a cow, Sang Meng Raga and Sang Banteng Raga.

B186 Story: Sang Baruna pays homage to King Rama.

B189 Ritual: exorcistic purification by pedanda.

B190 Story: Gusti Ngurah Batu Lepang trips up the pedanda.

B191 Ritual: Pemangku presenting offerings to the gods.

B192 Ritual: making offerings.

B193 Ritual: offerings for the well-being of the pigs (Ngotonin Tjeleng).

B194 Scene: wood-carver concentrating on his work despite interferences by mon-keys.

B195 Ritual: when kin make obeisance to the spirit of the dead person, while a leyak hovers manacingly overhead.

B196 Sorcery: Calonarang play.

B197 Story: Hell scene with Betara Yama.

B198 Story: I Amad and the two jinn fighting over their inheritance.

B199 Story: Cilinaya exiled in the forest befriended by animals.

B200 Story: Jarat Karu seeks out his father, Begawan Tapa, who is suffering in Hell.

B201 Ritual: meped, procession of gods returning to temple.

B202 Scene: village and forest with snake.

B203 Story: Sang Bubuksa and Sang Gagakaking.

B204 Story: Arjuna meditates, beset by seven beautiful women. (Arjuna Metapa)

B205 Performance: (?)

B206 Story: Bhima.

B207 Story: Rawana.

B208 Story: Arjuna in the forest, after fighting with Betara Siwa, recognizes him and makes obeisance.

B209 Story: Ramayana, when the Raksasa defeats the monkey heroes, Sang Punta Daksa and Sang Punta Daksi.

B210 Story: The Two Sisters, Bawang and Kesoena.

B211 Story: the kepuh tree, the crow and the snake, when the crow steals Amad's clothes.

B212 Story: the pedandas who couldn't read the Sastra Tiga and were tied up as punishment.

B213 row of women dancers with fans, outside temple.

B214 Joged

B215 domestic life, costume making, low- and high-status people.

B216 preparations for a dance performance.

B217 sick woman, healer.

B218 dancers?

B219 royal wedding procession. Story?

B22 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demons of Five Directions.

B220 Rangda and her disciples.

B221 Legong.

B222 Scene: men fighting with spears.

B224 Story: (?) Two water fountains and dead people.

B225 Story: blind man goes to pedanda for cure. (I Bungkling)

B226 Scene: people fishing and bathing.

B227 Story: Arjuna making obeisance to Betara Siwa after fighting with him.

B228 Story: Begawan Darma Swami.

B229 Story: Sang Aji Darma and the Two Goats.

B230 Performance: baris dancer and penasar, from baris melampahan.

B231 Story: the heron who pretended to be a priest.

B232 Scene: man hunting a deer.

B233 Story: I Amad and the Flying Elephant.

B234 Scene: coitus

B235 Scene: man on horse.

B236 Scene: cows in field.

B237 Scene: catching crickets.

B238 Ritual: offerings at Galungan.

B239 Story: (?) Hunting scene.

B242 Scene: village doorway and woman selling food.

B243 Scene: woman in ceremonial dress.

B244 Scene: man in ceremonial dress.

B245 Ritual: cremation ritual in a noble house.

B246 Sorcery: woman turning herself into a were-animal.

B248 Story: I Dukuh and the Monkey.

B249 Story: Rajapala stealing the clothing of the nymph.

B250 Ritual: wedding.

B252 Story: Krishna hunting in the jungle of Andaguna.

B254 Scene: a landscape with a temple and women bathing.

B255 Scene: children playing.

B256 Scene: eclipse.

B257 Sorcery: men fighting a demon.

B258 Scene: village

B259 Scene: people fighting.

B260 Scene: a robbery.

B261 Scene: people playing at fighting.

B262 Scene: a robbery.

B263 Story: I Papaka, the Monkey and the Tiger.

B264 Story: The Monkey and the Goat Who Planted Beans.

B265 Scene: fishing with small nets.

B266 Hanoman sets Rawana's palace on fire with his tail.

B267 Rangda.

B268 Story: Hanoman sets Rawana's palace on fire with his tail.

B269 Scene: children playing.

B270 Sorcery: person made sick by witches.

B271 Story: I Amad arrives at the Palace of Sodja.

B272 Story: I Belog catches a bird in his trap.

B273 Story: I Belog and the magic horse that makes money.

B274 Story: (?) Man threatens royal hero with knife. Tiger watches.

B275 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Buta Sungsang.

B276 Performance: Arja.

B277 Performance: Arja.

B278 Scene: women carrying water jugs.

B279 Performance: Arja.

B280 Ritual: burial at night.

B282 Story: how the tiger was fooled by the man into tieing himself up.

B283 Scene: domestic life.

B284 Scene: children playing.

B285 Scene: wild animals in the jungle.

B286 Story: I Amad carried away by the elephant.

B287 Story: The Anteater and the King's Hunting Dogs.

B288 Story: Pating Djemar and the Gardener

B289 Story: Begawan Utangka and the Magic Bull.

B290 Sorcery: Rangda.

B291 Scene: people fighting.

B292 Sorcery: Rangda.

B293 Sorcery: Rangda.

B294 Story: bathing woman attacked by crab.

B295 Ritual: natab banten, wafting toward self the essence of the offering.

B296 Story: Begawan Darma Swami and the Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Tapir.

B297 Story: Batara Brahma and the Burning of the Forest.

B298 Scene: people fighting pencak style.

B299 Story: (?) Man, dogs, snake.

B300 Story: The Death of the Princess of Daha.

B301 Story: The Princess of Daha Catching Dragonflies.

B302 Sorcery: Rangda and assailants.

B303 Story: The Princess of Daha.

B304 Story: Mantri Koripan and the Child of Galuh Daha.

B305 Scene: people training for war.

B306 Sorcery: childbirth with healer and leyaks.

B307 Sorcery: farmers attacking a demon in the rice fields.

B308 Ritual: burial, removing the corpse from home to graveyard.

B309 Story: Arjuna fights Karna's demons in the Bratayudda War.

B310 Performance: Arja.

B311 Story: Sutasoma and the Demon Gajawatra.

B312 Story: Giri Putri and her Son Gana.

B313 Story: Batur Taskara.

B314 Story: Ruwana's Sorcery.

B315 Sorcery: sorcerer.

B316 Scene: bathing.

B318 Story: Betara Kala devouring the Moon.

B320 Story: The Bratayudda.

B321 Story: The Ramayana.

B323 people hunting boar.

B324 the tiger and the lizard.

B326 Rangda.

B327 how Sang Prabu Madura was killed by the tiger.

B328 the Ogre Kalamaya finding the woman Diah Purnamawati in the forest.

B329 hunters in forest.

B330 Story: Sang Aji Derma, with I Anteboga writing magic letters on his tongue.

B331 Story: Sang Aji Darma killing snake.

B332 Story: Sang Aji Darma having his head lice removed.

B333 Story: Sang Aji Darma hears the goats speaking, at his own cremation.

B334 Scene: butchering a pig.

B335 Story: Sang Aji Derma; the Snake Princess lies to her father, the Snake King.

B336 Story: Sang Aji Darma as a black dog, with his two wives.

B337 Story: Sang Aji Darma going hunting.

B338 Sorcery: meeting of Leyaks.

B339 Scene: woodcarvers.

B340 Performance: Baris Melampahan, the story of Raden Laksumana.

B341 Story: Rajapala stealing the clothing of the nymph.

B342 Story: I Dukuh protected by the wild animals of the forest.

B344 Story: punishment in hell of a loose woman who wouldn't marry.

B345 Story: punishment in hell of a man who killed birds with a blowpipe.

B347 Ritual: pedanda making perarai god-faces for ritual.

B348 Story: punishment in hell for a woman who refused to learn to weave.

B349 Ritual: purification of cremation bull in preparation for cremation.

B350 Story: punishment in hell of a woman who aborted her babies because she didn't want any.

B351 Ritual: opening up a grave before digging up body for cremation.

B352 Sorcery: visiting a diviner or healer.

B353 Ritual: mendet procession at temple festival.

B354 Scene: children playing.

B355 Ritual: a priest worshiping at a shrine.

B356 Story: I Cupak, the Greedy Brother.

B357 Scene: cockfight.

B358 Story: Lenger Petak.

B359 Story: Lenger Petak.

B360 Scene: thief caught.

B361 Scene: Abducting a bride.

B362 Story: woman bathing bit by crab.

B364 Story: Sang Aji Darma and his wife, tells his servants to tell Anteboga that he has killed Dedeles.

B365 Story: the holy man killed by the tiger.

B366 Story: (?) A man is about to kill his son-in-law.

B367 Story: I Cupak and Garuda.

B368 Performance: Barong Landoeng.

B369 Story: I Cupak.

B369.5 Scene: steps in weaving.

B370 Scene: man washing clothes, woman with water jar.

B371 people drinking.

B372 Story: Sang Gagagaking and Sang Bebuksah

B373 Scene: village life.

B374 Scene: abduction.

B375 Scene: woman.

B376 Scene: mother and child.

B377 Story: (?) Forest monster eating man.

B378 Story: (Begawan Darma Swami) - GB's identification

B379 Begawan Darma Swami

B380 the Princess of Daha blown away by the wind.

B381 Scene: discovery of illicit lovers.

B382 Story: (?)

B383 I Belog goes fishing

B384 Scene: hunting.

B385 Story: how the monkey deceived the tiger into giving him turtle meat to eat.

B386 Story: (?) Monkey and Tiger.

B387 Ritual: Pedanan at temple purification ceremony.

B388 Scene: people fighting.

B389 Story: I Cupak in the well.

B390 Story: Garuda in search of the holy water of life, merta

B391 Scene: stealing a bride.

B392 Story: The King of Bedulu. (Mayadanawa)

B393 Story: Rare Angon and the Centipede.

B394 Story: The Yogic Meditation of Arjuna. (Arjuna Metapa)

B395 Ritual: tooth-filing.

B396 Story: from shadow play.

B397 Story: The Magic Horse.

B398 Scene: taking care of bulls and ducks.

B399 Story: (?) Man killing a tiger.

B400 Ritual: funeral, bathing the body.

B401 Scene: man hunting.

B402 Story: Cupak and Gerantang.

B403 Scene: men fighting a snake.

B404 Story: 'The Turtle Who Would Not Listen to the Advice of His Friends'

B405 Story: how the animals rescued the Princess of Daha from the Prince of Gegeleng.

B406 Story: I Amad and Ni Seroja.

B407 Scene: trapping birds at night.

B408 Story: Abimanyu.

B409 Story: Sang Aji Darma.

B410 Sorcery: sorcerers in demon form battling in the night.

B411 Scene: abducting a bride.

B412 Ritual: marriage ceremony.

B413 Performance: Gambuh.

B414 Story: The False Pedanda. (Ida Gede Tonya)

B415 Scene: childbirth.

B416 Story: (?) Baby monkeys eating a snake.

B417 Story: The Beheading of the Princess of Daha.

B418 Story: The Creation of the Holy Spring at Tampaksiring.

B419 Sorcery: sickness caused by leyak, and a healer praying over the sick woman.

B420 Story: The Killing of Mayadanawa.

B421 Ritual: taking sekah to sea after cremation.

B422 Story: the writing with three letters--Sastra Tiga.

B423 Story: (?) People in forest.

B424 Ritual: Cremation.

B425 Scene: bathing a baby.

B426 Story: how the dwarf Kepet killed the ogre.

B427 Sorcery: Rangda and Her Disciples.

B428 Story: The Death of Gusti Wayan.

B429 Story: Bawang and Kesuna.

B430 Story: (?) Two pedandas.

B431 Story: Sang Landean.

B432 Story: Begawan Darma Swami.

B434 Story: I Belog and the Magic Horse.

B435 Scene: abducting a bride.

B437 Story: Batur Taskara.

B438 Sorcery: evil spirit.

B439 Sorcery: the demon, Ratu Mecaling.

B440 Sorcery: evil spirit.

B441 Sorcery: evil spirits.

B442 Story: I Papaka and the Monkey.

B443 Sorcery: childbirth and lurking baby-eating leyak.

B444 Scene: abducting a bride.

B445 Story: I Balang Tamak going hunting with a puppy.

B446 Story: (?) A fisherman.

B448 Story: The Faithful Disciple, Begawan Urasangka.

B449 Performance: Genggong orchestra.

B450 Story: The Fight between Subali and Sugriwa.

B451 Scene: rice harvesting.

B452 Performance: Gambuh, Demang and Temengung.

B453 Performance: Barong Landung. (1)

B454 Ritual: pedanda and his attendant.

B455 Performance: flutists.

B456 Performance: Barong Landung. (2)

B457 Figure: a calendar.

B458 Scene: children playing.

B459 Ritual: a pedanda praying, with his attendant.

B460 Scene: abducting a bride.

B461 Scene: killing a deer.

B462 Sorcery: Rangda's disciple, Serama.

B463 Story: Sang Bubuksah and Sang Gagakaking.

B464 Scene: baiting a trap to catch quail, and pedanda praying.

B465 Scene: fighting bulls and small boys.

B466 Sorcery: Rangda's disciple, Kelika.

B467 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B468 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B469 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing: Head-Spirit, Servant of the God of the Death Temple.

B470 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B471 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B472 Sorcery: Betara Durga.

B473 Scene: men hunting.

B474 Story: the heron who pretended to be a priest.

B475 Story: The Poor Man and the Magic Goat.

B476 Story: The two monkeys and I Papaka.

B477 Scene: gathering firewood.

B478 Scene: children bathing.

B479 Story: I Balang Tamak, when he shaved his wife's head.

B480 Story: I Balang Tamak, or why Triwangsa can't pray at Pura Desa.

B481 Story: I Dukuh protected by the wild animals in the forest.

B484 Scene: children's games.

B485 Scene: children's game.

B487 Story: Mantri Godogan asks for the hand of the princess.

B488 Story: Mantri Godogan's parents pray to have a child.

B489 Story: Mantri Godogan changes from a frog into a human being.

B490 Story: I Dukuh (?)

B491 Story: I Dukuh in the Forest. ?

B492 Story: I Dukuh.

B493 Scene: eel trapping.

B494 Story: Raden Galuh Boeta.

B495 Performance: Baris dance.

B496 Performance: Penasar.

B497 Story: Radjapala stealing the clothing of the bathing nymph.

B498 Story: Belog and the Magic Deer.

B499 Scene: man and child.

B50 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, The Demon of the Lungs.

B500 Scene: man bitten by a snake.

B501 Story: I Papaka and the Monkey.

B502 Scene: abducting a bride.

B503 Story: The Two Sisters, Bawang and Kesuna.

B504 Ritual: meperani, on the day before Nyepi.

B505 Ritual: meperas, at cremation.

B506 Ritual: mantenin padi for storing new rice.

B507 Ritual: in rice field.

B508 Ritual: Sudamala with a shadow play.

B509 Ritual: in rice-field temple.

B51 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Demon of the Ninth Month.

B510 Ritual: for baby when 3 months old.

B511 Ritual: for ripe rice in field.

B512 Ritual: mantenin dewa, after rice harvest.

B513 Ritual: consecration of pedanda couple (meberesih) and kissing the feet of teacher (nabe).

B514 Ritual: Melaspas empelan at rice-field dam altar with cockfight.

B515 Ritual: the consecration of a man and wife as pedandas. (meberesih) (menek Ida Pedanda)

B516 Scene: weaving.

B517 Story: Begawan Sumamitra and the Magic Bull.

B518 Ritual: Sanghyang Jaran

B519 Ritual: for a man who fell from a tree.

B52 Story: The Seven Princesses (Galuh Pitu).

B520 Story: the making of the hill called Boekit Boewoeng.

B521 Story: I Papaka and the Monkey.

B522 Ritual: children playing game of metembeng; ritual in temple.

B523 Scene: childbirth.

B524 Scene: Hunting deer.

B526 Scene: Hunting deer.

B527 Scene: abducting a bride.

B528 Story: Amad in Mesir, on flying elephant.

B529 Story: (?) People taking offerings into a temple, while others attack them.

B530 Ritual: cremation preparation and burning.

B531 Ritual: mesegeh, offerings to the demons.

B533 Scene: a man fetching water

B534 Sorcery: Rangda and disciples.

B535 Sorcery: epidemic, many burials with witches.

B536 Sorcery: Rangda and disciples.

B537 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B538 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B539 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B540 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B541 Scene: a man catching crickets in the rice field with a lantern.

B542 Sorcery: a woman transforming herself into a witch

B543 Sorcery: a woman transforming herself into a witch.

B544 Sorcery: a woman transforming herself into a witch.

B545 Sorcery: a woman transforming herself into a witch.

B546 Sorcery: a woman transforming herself into a witch.

B547 Sorcery: a woman transforming herself into a witch.

B548 Sorcery: a woman transforming herself into a witch.

B549.1 Story: Sang Aji Darma when he discovers the Snake Princess making love with the Commoner Snake, Sang Gele Deles.

B549.2 Ritual: mepedambel for a young person, preparation for tooth filing.

B550 Ritual: Redjang dance.

B551 Story: I Papaka and the Monkey.

B552 Scene: Hunting coconut-squirrels.

B553 Story: (?) The tiger who was tricked into tieing himself up.

B554 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan.

B555 Story: (?) I Ketut Kantrungan?

B556 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan.

B557 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan.

B558 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan.

B559 Story: Sang Landean.

B560 Performance: Janger.

B561 Story: (?) Man kills dog or deer.

B562 Story: Begawan Darma Swami.

B563 Sorcery: epidemic of deaths and thievery caused by witch.

B564 Scene: children playing.

B565 Scene: man fell from tree while cutting firewood.

B566 Sorcery: a madman tied up, with witches.

B567 Scene: boys caring for cows and playing games.

B568 Scene: weaving and wood carving.

B569 Scene: children playing.

B570 Ritual: 'Ngendagin,' digging up corpses for cremation.

B571 Scene: children playing war

B571.2 I Amad and I Mohamad go to their father for the magic krisses.

B580 Prabu Citra Dahana (2).

B581 Prabu Citra Dahana, and how his daughter was killed by the snake I Taksara and brought back to life by Begawan Nerada (1).

B582 making bricks.

B591 Galuh Dongkeng, The Toad Princess (9).

B592 The Beheading of the Princess of Daha.

B593 Story: from the Adiparwa.

B593.1 The Beheading of the Princess of Daha.

B594 Story: Truna Kebo, when his parents tried to kill him. (Kebo Iwa)

B594.1 childbirth.

B595 Sorcery: healer, in trance.

B595.1 The Legend of Pura Desa Batuan and Pura Ganggangan, Kebo Iwa.

B595.2 illness.

B596 Scene: children gambling.

B596.1 Ritual: taking the God of Pura Desa to the sea for purification (mekiis).

B597 Sorcery: woman and man walking at night armed with knives and garlic, with demon near them.

B597.1 Performance: Jauk dancer.

B598 Scene: cricket fighting.

B598.1 Story: Hell scene with demons Sang Suratna and Sang Jogor Manik.

B599 Story: Princess Galuh Daha and the White Turtle Doves.

B599.1 Story: Bratayudda episode in which the Pendawa give their sons, I Nakula and I Sahadewa, as offerings to Betara Durga.

B600 Story: Panak Jagal tries to kill Galuh.

B600.01 Scene: hunting deer.

B600.21 Sorcery: witch and attackers.

B600.22 Sorcery: witch and woman with infant.

B600.31 the twins who were buried in the graveyard before birth (1).

B600.32 the twins who were buried in the graveyard before birth (2).

B600.33 the twins who were buried in the graveyard before birth (4).

B600.34 the twins who were buried in the graveyard before birth (3).

B600.35 Sang Lutung and Sang Godogan, The Monkey and the Frog (1).

B600.36 Sang Lutung and Sang Godogan, The Monkey and the Frog (2).

B600.37 Sang Lutung and Sang Godogan, The Monkey and the Frog (3).

B600.38 Sang Lutung and Sang Godogan, The Monkey and the Frog (4).

B600.39 Galuh Dongkeng, The Toad Princess (1).

B600.4 Galuh Dongkeng, The Toad Princess (2).

B600.41 Galuh Dongkeng, The Toad Princess (3).

B600.42 Galuh Dongkeng, The Toad Princess (4).

B600.43 Galuh Dongkeng, The Toad Princess (5).

B600.44 Galuh Dongkeng, The Toad Princess (6).

B600.45 Galuh Dongkeng, The Toad Princess (7).

B600.46 Galuh Dongkeng, The Toad Princess (8).

B600.51 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.52 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.53 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.54 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.55 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.56 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.57 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.58 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.59 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.6 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.61 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.62 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.63 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.64 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.65 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.66 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.67 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.68 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.69 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.7 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B600.71 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing of Tjintija.

B600.72 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B601.1 Story: (?) Monkey in forest.

B615 Story: Sang Paresekit insults the Holy Man, Begawan Sereti, and is cursed.

B616 Scene: Bullfight in Boeleleng.

B617 Ritual: ceremonial procession.

B619 Story: Prabu Gajah Deruma (Lawe). Prabu Lawe mounted on a Barong Sabrang

B620 Story: Prabu Gajah Deruma (Lawe). Soldier mounted on a boar.

B621 Story: Prabu Gajah Deruma (Lawe).Soldier mounted on a boar.

B622 Story: Prabu Gajah Demme (Lawe)

B623 Story: the blind man and the crippled man.

B623.1 Story: I Papaka chased by tiger.

B624 Subject: Figure: Calendar.

B624.1 Sorcery: Rangda attacked by men in trance.

B625 Story: Prabu Gajah Deruma (Lawe)Two soldiers in battle.

B626 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan goes to the den of Naga Taksaka.

B627 Story: Prabu Gajah Deruma (Lawe). Soldier riding a crocodile monster killing a man on a horse.

B628 Story: Prabu Gajah Deruma (Lawe). Prabu Lawe mounted on Barong Sabrang.

B629 Scene: fighting cocks.

B630 Story: Pan Brayut

B631 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Buta Sungsang.

B632 Performance: Janger dance.

B633 Performance: Joged dancer with partner.

B634 Story: (?) Man attacks monster eating a lizard.

B635 Story: Truna Tuwa. (Rajapala)

B636 Story: (?) Monkey mother and child.

B637 Sorcery: men attacking selves with krisses after the Rangda has escaped.

B638 Sorcery: Calonarang Epidemic.

B639 Story: I Amad defended by Ratna Ning Sekar.

B64 Scene: children playing: attacking Rangda, shadow-play.

B640.01 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.02 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.03 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.04 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.05 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.06 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.07 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.08 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.09 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.10 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B640.11 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B642 Story: Prabu Gajah Deruma (Lawe). Soldier riding a wolf being killed by enemy.

B643 Story: Sang Sampean, a demon in the form of a bull, and the Princess of Daha.

B644 Story: I Amad's magic is stolen by Isteri Beregedab.

B645 Story: the false pedanda (Ida Gede Tonya) being burnt up.

B646 Story: Greedy Cupak and Grantang.

B647 Story: Sang Landean, the monkey who tricked the prince.

B648 Story: Pan Balang Tamak and the Magic Dog.

B649 Story: how the ant-eater defeated the king's hunting dog, Asu Belanguyang.

B651 Story: I Ketut Kantrungan.

B653 Figure: Gods of the Nine Directions--Sang Hyang Brahma.

B654 Figure: Gods of the Nine Directions--Sang Hyang Ludra.

B655 Figure: Gods of the Nine Directions--Sang Hyang Mahadewa.

B656 Figure: Gods of the Nine Directions--Sang Hyang Sangkara.

B657 Figure: Gods of the Nine Directions--Sang Hyang Wisnu.

B658 Figure: Gods of the Nine Directions--Sang Hyang Nisoro.

B659 Figure: Gods of the Nine Directions--Sang Hyang Sambu.

B66 Ritual: ninggung ceremony in family temple for newborn piglets, at time of Kuningan.

B660 Subject: Figure: Gods of the Nine Directions--Sang Hyang Iswara.

B661 Figure: Gods of the Nine Directions--Sang Hyang Siwa.

B662 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Kala Tiga.

B663 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Sang Nawa Rucinca.

B664 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Sang Suria Sumedang.

B665 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Sang Hyang Perama Wisesa.

B666 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Sang Hyang Wisnu Murti.

B667 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Leyak Semering and head of manusa as linggihan.

B668 Story: Begawan Mercukunda.

B669 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B67 Ritual: the Galungan festival.

B670 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B671 Subject: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B672 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing.

B673 Story: A Sorcerer's Transformations: Begawan Mercukunda.

B674 Story: A Sorcerer's Transformations: Begawan Mercukunda.

B675 Story: A Sorcerer's Transformations: Begawan Mercukunda.

B676 Story: A Sorcerer's Transformations: Begawan Mercukunda.

B677 Story: A Sorcerer's Transformations: Begawan Mercukunda.

B678 Story: A Sorcerer's Transformations: Begawan Mercukunda.

B679 Story: A Sorcerer's Transformations: Begawan Mercukunda.

B680 Scene: child birth.

B682 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Buta Sungsang.

B683 Story: Nanang Paloek and the Stolen Coconuts.

B684 Story: Truna Tua steals the clothes of the Nymph Supraba(Rajapala)

B685 Story: I Amad in the forest killing the men in iron armor with a magic kris.

B686 Story: (?) Monkey and frog.

B688 Story: (?) Demon, monkey and woman

B689 Scene: wild animals and hunters.

B69 Scene: fishing by stream in forest, on reverse is soldier cutting off man's head.

B690 Story: the holy man killed by the tiger.

B691 Story: I Kokokan.

B692 Story: I Kokokan.

B693 Story: (?) Coitus discovered.

B694 Scene: abducting a bride.

B695 Story: (?) Hero on horse shoots blazing arrow into deer.

B696 Ritual: people bringing offerings to temple.

B697 Performance: Joged.


B699 Story: I Bungkling and the Sengguhu.

B700 Story: Kebo Truna. (Kebo Iwa)

B701 Ritual: Redjang dance.

B702 Sorcery: illness with witch.

B704 Scene: village life.

B705 Ritual: wedding.

B710 Story: I Balang Tamak?

B711 Story: Kebo Truna? Kebo Iwa?

B711.01 Figure: Wisnu riding on boar.

B711.02 Story: Kebo Iwa.

B711.03 Story: King Dharmawangsa being carried away after the destruction of the Pendawa.

B711.04 Scene: artist at work.

B711.05 Story: Mantri Godogan--How a Picture Is Made.

B711.06 Story: Aji Darma discovers the lovers, Naga Gini and Ula Tampar.

B711.07 Scene: hunting birds with blowpipe.

B711.08 Scene: man climbs tree with kulkul drum on it.

B711.09 Scene: man climbing coconut tree.

B711.1 Scene: man climbing ladder.

B711.11 Story: the elephant attacked by bird, frog, and bee.

B711.12 Scene: man and woman.

B711.13 Ritual: temple odalan.

B711.14 Scene: Balinese saying 'Goodbye' to M. Mead and G. Bateson and Papuans saying 'Welcome.'

B711.15 Sorcery: Calonarang, Rangda and Empu Bharadah.

B711.16 Story: The Capture of Sang Bimanyu.

B711.17 Scene: people hunting.

B711.18 Ritual: royal wedding.

B711.19 Story: Peranda Wawu Rawu.

B711.2 Performance: Rejang dance and Joged at Odalan.

B711.21 Story: The Princess of Daha.

B711.22 Story: The Princess of Daha.

B711.23 Story: The Princess of Daha.

B711.24 Story: The Princess of Daha.

B711.25 Story: The Princess of Daha.

B711.26 Story: The Princess of Daha.

B711.27 Story: I Balang Tamak cuts down bale (1).

B711.28 Story: I Balang Tamak cuts down bale (2).

B711.29 Story: I Balang Tamak cuts down bale (3).

B711.3 Story: I Bungkling (1).

B711.31 Story: I Bungkling (2).

B711.32 Story: I Bungkling (3).

B711.33 Story: the heron who pretended to be a priest.

B711.34 Ni Pujut Keciwi.

B711.35 Story: Serupanaka in love with Teruna Laksmana transforms herself into a beautiful woman.

B711.36 Story: Sang Utangka's ring is stolen and Siva sends him a magic horse to get it back from Naga Taksaka.

B711.37 procession taking gods to the sea.

B711.38 Scene: village life.

B711.39 Scene: village.

B711.4 Story: I Dukuh attacked by King's army, sends animals to defeat the soldiers





L1065 Haks 149 Ngurek



L1069 Haks 334 Pederast scene


L1071 Pederast scene


L1073 Pederast scene

L1074 Haks 148 Rerajahan



L1078 Macaru






L1085 Ngerorod



L1088 Arjuna Permata

L1089 Adi Parwa (Originally called 'Arjoena Permada')

L1090 satua atma poerwangsa

L1091 Tantri Batara Taskara

L1092 sang darmawangsa ke suarga

L1093 Anak memitra

L1094 anak ngerorod

L1095 Mekarja sangganan



























L1126 Anak Mepanahan







L1133 Haks 179


L1135 Anak melabab di kawahe





L1141 Rangda teken Ngoenjing

L1142 Haks 147

M1040 Haks 351

M1041 Haks 381 Tantri?

M1044 Haks 409

M1045 Haks 116 Derman

Market Scene U1032.01

Neraka u1026

S 1009.07

S1000 Woman on a swing

S1001 Haks 250

S1002 Haks 101

S1003 Haks 251

S1004 Haks 245

S1005 Haks 296

S1006 Haks 300

S1007 Haks 223

S1008 Haks 103

S1009 Haks 370

S1009.01 Linggodbawa

S1009.02 Haks 252

S1009.03 Haks 290


S712 Haks 200

S713 Haks 158

S714 Haks 204

S715 Haks 051

S716 Haks 037

S717 Haks 102

S718 Haks 226

S719 Haks 228

S720 Haks 072


S722 Haks 232



S725 Haks 307



S728 Haks 066

S729 Haks 322

S730 Haks 230


S732 Haks 233

S733 Haks 046

S734 Haks 067

S735 Haks 040

S736 Haks 049

S737 Haks 238

S737.1 Haks 325







S743 Aquarium scene

S744 Tantri

S745 Haks 077


S747 Haks 229

S748 Haks 303

S749 Haks 299 Tantri: Mpu Darmaswami

S750 Haks 054

S751 Haks 063

S752 Haks 231


S754 Haks 201





S757 Haks 080

S758 Naga Gombang

S759 Haks 055

S760 Haks 317

S760.1 Haks 079

S761 Haks 323


S763 Haks 164

S764 Haks 081





S769 Haks 234

S770 Haks 047


S771 Haks 235




S775 Haks 319

S776 Haks 246

S777 Haks 070

S778 Haks 211


S780 Haks 222

S781 Haks 298 Tantri

S782 Haks 240 Tantri

S783 Haks 210

S784 Haks 069

S785 Haks 068

S786 Haks 333


S788 Haks 262 Tantri

S789 Haks 041

S790 Haks 203

S791 Haks 075

S792 Haks 237

S793 Haks 213

S794 Sutasoma

S795 Calonarang


S797 Haks 214

S798 Haks 208

S799 Haks 215

S800 Cockfight

S801 Haks 309 Gambling

S802 Haks 313



S804 Haks 301

S805 Haks 239

S806 Haks 216

S807 Haks 315

S808 Haks 227

S809 Haks 225

S810 Haks 074

S811 Haks 244

S812 Haks 329

S813 Haks 043


S815 Barong bangkal

S816 Haks 086


S818 Haks 152 Cupak?

S819 Haks 219


S821 Garudeya Story

S822 Mythological scene

S823 Haks 311

S824 Brayut

S825 Haks 314


S827 Haks 157


S829 Haks 165

S830 Haks 306

S830 Market scene

S831 Cockfight

S831 Haks 162 Cockfight

S832 Cockfight

S833 Haks 332

S834 Haks 248


S836 Haks 320

S837 Dancing


S839 Haks 094

S840 Haks 324

S840 lion and tiger

S841 Garuda, naga and other animals

S842 Haks 397

S843 Haks 082

S844 Rangda

S845 Haks 044

S846 Haks 312

S847 Haks 331

S848 Haks 327

S849 Haks 328

S850 Cattle herding

S851 Haks 218

S852 Haks 326

S853 Haks 073

S854 Animals fighting

S856 Haks 084

S857 Haks 330 Adiparwa?

S857 a lord

S858 Geguritan Kedis

S859 Haks 085

S860 Haks 241

S861 Haks 212

S862 Haks 057

S863 Haks 316

S864 Haks 180 Tiger chasing deer

S865 Haks 221

S866 Haks 095

S867 Buffalo and tiger

S868 Haks 052

S868 Haks 160

S869 Men fighting

S870 Haks 220

S871 Haks 058

S872 Haks 151

S873 Haks 088

S875 Haks 104

S876 Haks 310

S877 Haks 159


S879 Haks 071

S880 Haks 064

S881 Haks 061

S882 Haks 053




S885 Haks 163

S886 Haks 060

S887 Haks 321

S888 Haks 091

S889 Haks 207

S890 Haks 039


S892 Haks 092 Hunting tiger

S893 Haks 078

S894 Haks 297


S896 Haks 318



S899 Haks 161

S900 Haks 065

S901 Haks 305

S902 Garudeya


S904 Haks 368

S905 Barong


S907 Haks 371

S908 Haks 056

S909 Haks 038

S910 Haks 249

S911 Haks 293

S912 Haks 291


S915 Haks 295


S917 Haks 209



S920 Haks 308

S921 Haks 083



S924 Haks 048

S925 Haks 010 Fish


S927 Haks 242


S929 Haks 177

S930 Haks 154 Serangan


S932 Haks 176 Serangan

S933 Haks 153

S935 Haks 045 Serangan



S938 Haks 247


S940 Topeng or Arja



S943 Shrines


S945 Shrines



S948 Haks 090



S951 Haks 036 Cockfight


S953 Haks 087

S954 Haks 384

S955 Haks 386


S956 Haks 120

S957 Haks 119 Sunda and Upasunda

S958 Haks 243 Rajapala




S962 Haks 294 Graveyard scene with angel

S963 Haks 100

S964 Haks 156

S965 Haks 263 Ricefarming


S967 Rangda


S969 Priest and demon


S971 Haks 382


S973 Haks 178

S974 Haks 042


S976 Haks 383


S978 Fighting animals



S982 Haks 385

S983 Haks 375

S984 Haks 367

S985 Haks 304

S986 Haks 374


S988 Dogs



S991 Haks 155

S992 Haks 236

S993 Haks 217 Blacksmith

S994 Haks 099

S995 Haks 206 Tantri?


S997 Haks 292

S998 Haks 224

S999 Haks 302

U1010 Haks 363

U1012 Haks 205

U1013 Haks 369 Barong and Rangda

U1014 Haks 372 Ramayana?

U1015 Haks 188

U1017 Haks 364

U1018 Haks 366

U1022 Haks 003 Leyak

U1024 Kris Dance

U1025 Dance Scene

U1027 Haks 365

U1028 Haks 128 Rangda

U1032 Haks 350

U1032 Kecak

U1032.03 Haks 404

U1032.04 Joged dance

U1032.07 Birth of Gana

U1032.08 Haks 093 Ramayana


Untitled2 children's drawing



Untitled5_6 Hanuman, witch? and animals