Collection of the Kunstzaal van Lier

Started by Carel van Lier in 1927, and closed by the Nazis in 1942. A post-War version under the same name, but different ownership, also existed. Kunstzaal van Lier displayed modern European art and ethnographic art.



Haks 004 People escaping wild animals

Haks 012 Tantri

Haks 024 Adiparwa

Haks 127

Haks 150

Haks 184

Haks 191 Naga Basuki Manik Angkeran

Haks 195 Joged

Haks 270

Haks 271 Visnu and Ibu Pertiwi?

Haks 337 men catching a tiger

Haks 387

Haks 389 Tantri: Nandaka

Haks 407 Gusti Wayan?

Haks 423 Tantri

Holy water for the ricefields

Man and bull

Rajapala steals the nymph's clothes