Ida Bagus Ketut Diding (1910 - 1915–1990-01-10)

Diding was a member of the Pita Maha, and showed his works to Spies and Bonnet for their criticism. There are sixteen pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission (H. Geertz 1994: 103). He worked with I.B.M. Bala, with Diding drawing the contours and Bala completing the work with washes (Hohn 1997: 86). Painted less frequently after Indonesia's independence in 1949 (Hohn 1997: 86).

B108 Sorcery: witches battling over a baby's corpse.

B109 Sorcery: Rangda causes epidemic and theft; exorcism ritual.

B110 Sorcery: woman performing ritual to transform herself into a leyak.

B112 Story: Betara Kala devouring the moon.

B113 Story: Gusti Wayan, killed by the Prince who desired Gusti Wayan's wife.

B114 Story: gathering wood in the magic forest to make kris handles.

B115 Ritual: asking for holy water, from the pedanda.

B117 Ritual: Pedanda sprinkles holy water on small child on Kajeng Kliwon.

B118 Scene: cutting firewood for cremation.

B119 Ritual: carrying a sanghyang dedari.

B120 Sorcery: exorcism of Betara Durga.

B121 Performance: Genggong orchestra in Batuan.

B122 Story: Cupak and Garuda.

B123 Ritual: bathing the body before funeral.

B353 Ritual: mendet procession at temple festival.

B711.18 Ritual: royal wedding.

Haks 004 People escaping wild animals

Haks 261 Lion chasing woman and monkey

Haks 393

Haks 395

Haks 415

Haks 439