I Made Jata (1922 –)

The son of a poor carpenter, he did not attend school, but could speak a little Malay. In 1948, he was appointed as a teacher in art at a short-lived artisans' school established by the colonial government.

A self-taught artist who learned by watching Ngendon at work. He was a member of the Pita Maha group and showed his work to Bonnet and Spies for criticism. There are twenty-seven paintings by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission.  (H. Geertz 1994: 104)   Painted in the Kamasan style. He developed his style of painting independent from the influential Batuan artists of Ngendon and Mura. he was also a renowned teacher of art in Batuan, and the Batuan style today still bears the influence of Jata's works and teachings. He continued to paint well after the war, however in May 1994, he expressed a wish to give up his art due to his age.   (Hohn 1997: 53-58)

3525-29 Usana Bali

3525-31 Tumpek Kandang

3525-32 Legend about picking cotton

3525-33 The coming of the Japanese to Bali

AMNH 70.3/4194

B127 Story: Sang Suratma, the Recording Demon in Hell.

B127.1 Ritual: digging up bones of dead man for cremation.

B131 Story: the man who had a wife who turned into a leech.

B132 Story: The Killing of Batur Taskara.

B134 Story: Bima attacks the demon-guardians of hell.

B135 Story: Sang Kul Putih and the First People in Bali.

B135-088 Cockfight

B136 Story: King Beda Ulu. (Mayadanawa)

B137 Story: Betara Kala.

B138 Scene: artist at work.

B139 Story: the Lightning Demon.

B334 Scene: butchering a pig.

B338 Sorcery: meeting of Leyaks.

B340 Performance: Baris Melampahan, the story of Raden Laksumana.

B344 Story: punishment in hell of a loose woman who wouldn't marry.

B345 Story: punishment in hell of a man who killed birds with a blowpipe.

B347 Ritual: pedanda making perarai god-faces for ritual.

B348 Story: punishment in hell for a woman who refused to learn to weave.

B349 Ritual: purification of cremation bull in preparation for cremation.

B350 Story: punishment in hell of a woman who aborted her babies because she didn't want any.

B351 Ritual: opening up a grave before digging up body for cremation.

B352 Sorcery: visiting a diviner or healer.

B358 Story: Lenger Petak.

B359 Story: Lenger Petak.

B366 Story: (?) A man is about to kill his son-in-law.

B711.03 Story: King Dharmawangsa being carried away after the destruction of the Pendawa.

B711.04 Scene: artist at work.

B711.15 Sorcery: Calonarang, Rangda and Empu Bharadah.

Gugurnya Dursasana

Karna Tanding

Ke Pura

Ramayana with Kecak Monkey

Shadow Play


Upacara pembakaran mayat