I Dewa Kompiang Ketut Kandel (1909 –1972)

Kandel worked in the fields, and had been taught by Ngendon. He had not attended school and could not speak Malay. Similar to his father, Kandel worked in the fields as a farmer. He was also accomplished in gamelan (orchestra), gambuh and baris (traditional dances). Despite visiting Bonnet and Spies for their criticism of his works, Kandel claims to have never received any commission to paint a certain kind of picture for them. After 1965, Kandel stopped painting and opened a furniture shop in Denpasar (Hohn 1997: 94).

1243-24 Ramayana?

AMNH 70.3/4196

Adiparwa: A king shoots a snake

B318 Story: Betara Kala devouring the Moon.

B320 Story: The Bratayudda.

B321 Story: The Ramayana.

B711.39 Scene: village.

Haks 005 Puaya scene

Haks 019 Tantri Pepaka

Haks 024 Adiparwa

Haks 129 The story of Candrawati

Haks 150

Haks 169 the story of Batulepang

Haks 170 Rangda

Haks 171

Haks 187

Haks 253 Tantri

Haks 257

Haks 258

Haks 259

Haks 271 Visnu and Ibu Pertiwi?

Haks 273

Haks 285

Haks 286

Haks 377 Village Scene

Haks 406 Hunting

Haks 411 Hunting

Haks 412

Haks 442