I Dewa Ketut Baru (1926–2008)

Baru had received three years of education at a Dutch elementary school and could speak Malay. He also danced in the gambuh. In later life he became a healer (balian) and studied classical Balinese (H. Geertz 1994: 102).   Hildred Geertz has Baru been born circa 1926.

Baru claims to have never had contact with any Western painters (most probably referring to Bonnet and Spies). He did however sell his paintings to tourists at Sanur. He was not a member of the Pita Maha. There are twenty-six paintings by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission. He worked extensively in the 1950s.

B057 Scene: children's game

B059 Scene: people playing moros-orosang.

B060 Scene: people fighting with a kris.

B061 Scene: children catching grasshoppers.

B062 Scene: catching crickets.

B069.1 Scene: soldier in western shorts cutting off a man's head.

B070 Scene: making palm-wine.

B071 Sorcery: men with daggers attacking Rangda.

B072 Scene: two men fighting, with four seated men cheering them on

B073 Scene: village, with two women respectfully addressing a pedanda.

B074 Scene: hunting in the forest

B075 Scene: men leading cattle, two bulls fighting.

B076 Scene: village.

B077 Scene: man and woman making love.

B078 Sorcery: witches (leyak) carrying off babies. One is giving baby's intes-tines to a dog to eat. Episode from Aji Darma story. Aji Darma is the dog.

B079 Story: Sang Aji Darma, the moment when he decides not to commit suicide.

B080 Scene: people going off to war.

B081 Story: Sang Aji Darma: the scene where he is sleeping with his wife and listening to the lizards talking to each other.

B082 Scene: children playing buying and selling food.

B083 Scene: boys playing.

B085 Ritual: Temple festival.

B086 Scene: children playing.

B088 Scene: making and drinking palm-wine.

B135-106 Rajapala

B135-107 Bubuksah

B135-108 Bharatayudha

B64 Scene: children playing: attacking Rangda, shadow-play.

B66 Ritual: ninggung ceremony in family temple for newborn piglets, at time of Kuningan.

B67 Ritual: the Galungan festival.

B69 Scene: fishing by stream in forest, on reverse is soldier cutting off man's head.



Darma Suarmi frees Sunangkara (Tantri Narrative)

Haks 459

Haks 527 Double scene, Balinese pair being photographed by Westerners

Haks 551 Dual scene, Balinese and Westerners

Sri Yajnya Dharmaswami sedang bertapa