Ida Bagus Putu Belacok (1924–)

Belacok's (Blatjok) parents died when he was still young and he lived a poor life working as a migrant harvester on a coffee plantation in the mountains. He never attended school and was illiterate, but could speak a little Malay. Belacok was never taught by any of the Western artists, and was not a member of the Pita Maha (the artists' cooperative established by Bonnet and Spies).

There are thirteen pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission (H. Geertz 1994: 102).

B100 Story: I Basur asking to marry I Sukasti to his son Tegaron.

B101 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing of Bedawang and S. Nawa Ruci.

B339 Scene: woodcarvers.

B90 Sorcery: cremation preparations with leyaks.

B91 Sorcery: Rangda.

B92 Story: I Amad cuts off a branch of the kastuba tree.

B93 Story: (?) Snake with royal headdress carrying three men on back.

B94 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Buta Sungsang.

B95 Story: Basur the sorcerer transforms himself into Rangda.

B96 Story: Basur telling his son his suit was rejected

B97 Story: Basur as Rangda afflicts the girl, Sukasti, with illness in re-venge.

B98 Story: Basur transforming himself into Rangda.

B99 Story: Basur preparing to perform ritual to transform himself into Rangda.

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