I Ketut Keteg (1919–)

Not much is known about Keteg, as he was never interviewed by Kaler (Bateson and Mead's assistant). He is known to have come from the same neighbourhood as Ngendon. He continued painting after WWII

1103-3 Ngarap, fighting over corpse in cremation ceremony

B135-091 Ni Bawang and Ni Suna

B135-092 Barong

B189 Ritual: exorcistic purification by pedanda.

B190 Story: Gusti Ngurah Batu Lepang trips up the pedanda.

B191 Ritual: Pemangku presenting offerings to the gods.

B192 Ritual: making offerings.

B193 Ritual: offerings for the well-being of the pigs (Ngotonin Tjeleng).

B194 Scene: wood-carver concentrating on his work despite interferences by mon-keys.

B195 Ritual: when kin make obeisance to the spirit of the dead person, while a leyak hovers manacingly overhead.

B196 Sorcery: Calonarang play.

B197 Story: Hell scene with Betara Yama.

B198 Story: I Amad and the two jinn fighting over their inheritance.

B199 Story: Cilinaya exiled in the forest befriended by animals.

B200 Story: Jarat Karu seeks out his father, Begawan Tapa, who is suffering in Hell.

B201 Ritual: meped, procession of gods returning to temple.

Haks 274