Desak Putu Lambon (1923 –1975 - 1979)

Despite her family being poor, she did attend school for three years and could read and write Malay. Adrian Vickers has Lambon been born around 1925. Lambon is the only female painter in the Bateson-Mead commission. Unlike many other artists of the time, Lambon was not influenced by Bonnet or Spies, but by Theo Meier, another European artist resident in Bali (Sanur). More accurately, she was influenced by working in the studio/household that Maier created, where artists from Sanur and Batuan met together. This gave her work a more naturalistic feel than that of Ngendon's. Her father was a prominent craftsman who made leather shadow puppets, costumes and masks, and many of Lambon's paintings included pictures of these crafts.

Lambon's work included collaboration with her father, Dewa Putu Kebes

09.1047 Dance performance

B213 row of women dancers with fans, outside temple.

B214 Joged

B215 domestic life, costume making, low- and high-status people.

B216 preparations for a dance performance.

B217 sick woman, healer.

B218 dancers?

B219 royal wedding procession. Story?

B220 Rangda and her disciples.

B221 Legong.

B711.37 procession taking gods to the sea.

Haks 255 Two Baris dancers

Haks 507 three figures