I Dewa Kompiang Pasek Malen (–)

Brother of Dewa Ketoet Pasek Gindjing and Dewa Made Koenel. Pasek Malen was only a child in 1917. He was not interviewed by Kaler, however it is known that he was the younger brother of Pasek Gindjing.  (H. Geertz 1994: 109).

first picture in collection 11/22/36, crude, almost identical with brother's first picture, of Hanoman.

B268 Story: Hanoman sets Rawana's palace on fire with his tail.

B269 Scene: children playing.

B270 Sorcery: person made sick by witches.

B271 Story: I Amad arrives at the Palace of Sodja.

B272 Story: I Belog catches a bird in his trap.

B273 Story: I Belog and the magic horse that makes money.

Haks 035

Haks 194

Haks 195 Joged

Haks 283