I Ketut Pateh (1904–1981)

Pateh was not interviewed by Kaler, so little is known about him. However, he was listed a member of the Pita Maha, and H. Geertz (1994: 109) suggests that he could of painted under another another name.   Pateh worked almost exclusively in black and white and before 1960,  used ink and wataercolour with paper as a medium.  (Dermawan 2006: 177, Hohn 1997: 110). Some of his works are similar to IB Made Tibah. few pictures, all in June 36

B274 Story: (?) Man threatens royal hero with knife. Tiger watches.

B275 Figure: Sorcerer's Drawing, Buta Sungsang.

B276 Performance: Arja.

B277 Performance: Arja.

B278 Scene: women carrying water jugs.

B279 Performance: Arja.

B280 Ritual: burial at night.

Cak Ramayana

Haks 167

Haks 443 Village scene