Ida Bagus Ketut Sawa (–)

On the Bateson and Mead list. Similar to his older brother Sasak, Sawa did not receive an education and could not speak Malay.  

Like his older brother Sasak, Sawa had only been painting for less than year at the time of Bateson and Mead's arrival and was not a member of the Pita Maha collective. However, he did visit Spies and Bonnet on one occasion in order to sell them paintings. There are seventeen pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission (H. Geertz 1994: 111). His first picture in the collection is Oct. 20, 1936 18x14, complex of people preparing for a wedding ceremony. The second one is the Gambuh picture, no date, but might be May or December, 1936. May 1, 1937, Bima Nioe picture is large and competent. Interesting stories. FIRST LARGE: May?, 1936, 14 x21, gambuh. Many of his others are large too. ETHNOGRAPHIC RITUAL PICTURE: April 3, 37 of nyekah to sea, Feb. 3, 38 of pedanan at temple.

B387 Ritual: Pedanan at temple purification ceremony.

B411 Scene: abducting a bride.

B412 Ritual: marriage ceremony.

B413 Performance: Gambuh.

B414 Story: The False Pedanda. (Ida Gede Tonya)

B415 Scene: childbirth.

B416 Story: (?) Baby monkeys eating a snake.

B417 Story: The Beheading of the Princess of Daha.

B418 Story: The Creation of the Holy Spring at Tampaksiring.

B419 Sorcery: sickness caused by leyak, and a healer praying over the sick woman.

B420 Story: The Killing of Mayadanawa.

B421 Ritual: taking sekah to sea after cremation.

B422 Story: the writing with three letters--Sastra Tiga.

B424 Ritual: Cremation.

B425 Scene: bathing a baby.

B426 Story: how the dwarf Kepet killed the ogre.

B711.16 Story: The Capture of Sang Bimanyu.

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