I Dewa Putu Kundel (1926–)

It appears that there is some confusion over the birth-order name. Bateson and Mead, as well as Resiki have recorded this name as Dewa Made Kundel, yet the Haks database has it recorded as Dewa Putu Kundel. All sources agree that Kundel is based in Batuan. 

B204 Story: Arjuna meditates, beset by seven beautiful women. (Arjuna Metapa)

B205 Performance: (?)

B206 Story: Bhima.

B207 Story: Rawana.

B208 Story: Arjuna in the forest, after fighting with Betara Siwa, recognizes him and makes obeisance.

B209 Story: Ramayana, when the Raksasa defeats the monkey heroes, Sang Punta Daksa and Sang Punta Daksi.

B210 Story: The Two Sisters, Bawang and Kesoena.

B211 Story: the kepuh tree, the crow and the snake, when the crow steals Amad's clothes.

B212 Story: the pedandas who couldn't read the Sastra Tiga and were tied up as punishment.