Anak Agung Gede Soberat (1912–1992)

Worked closely with Bonnet and Spies. Described by Bateson and Mead as having a lively and intelligent mind he is versatile and a distinguished colourist. (PM 72). Puri Lukisan has alternative birth date of 1917

The principal artist of the Ubud school, continued working after World War II. Works in all major collections, including the Sana-Budaya Musuem, Jogjakarta.

1243-26 Landschap

1646-48 The demon Kala Sungsang

1795-2 Rangda die door magisch trommelen lejaks (geesten) oproept

2673-2 Battle between Majapahit and Chinese

4225-58 Darmawangsa and the Dog

B135-014 Bathing

B135-015 Leak fighting

B135-016 Rerajahan

Bumblebee Dance

Haks 029

Haks 413

Tantri, Pepakah