Ida Made Pugug (1919–2006)

In 1993, Konica film did an item on him. In this item, Pugug mentioned that he was formerly in the navy, and had studied with Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Timbul, Ida Bagus Nyoman Rai, LeMayeur, and Ida Bagus Ketut Sunia. Learnt colour from westerners.

Lived in Ketewel after he became a Pedanda

6136-1 Temple festival at Sakenan

B135-059 Fishing



Haks 118

Haks 134

Haks 391

S811 Haks 244

S812 Haks 329

S813 Haks 043


S815 Barong bangkal

S816 Haks 086


S818 Haks 152 Cupak?

S819 Haks 219

S993 Haks 217 Blacksmith

S997 Haks 292

S998 Haks 224