Ida Bagus Ketut Togog Warta (1919–1983)

Brahmana Siwa, Pacung, living in "Geria Patjoeng" according to MK's photo list. Not interviewed. Younger brother of Lanoes + Poegja MM NOTES: Three brothers, Ida Bagoes Togog, Ida Bagoes Nyoman Poedja and Ida Bagoes Made Lanoes. "I.B.Kt. Togag [togog], IB Komp. Siring, and IB Nj. Poedja work together, and I.B.M. Lanoes is elder brother of I.B.Nj. Poedja and Togag, but he works at his wife's place. [But I think that Lanoes was in early teens, so there is some confusion in this note]. [Also, this man is listed at Geria Pacung, while IBNj Poedja is listed at Geria Boen.] MM also notes: "On August 15 [1937] I B. Kt. Togag [Togog] seen doing relief animals, ordered by Meier and not to contain any don-donan [leaves]. Very like Sanoer style. He has also seen Sanoer animal pictures which have appeared at Pita Maha." In the 1980s known as an art dealer rather than an artist.

first picture in coll is 12/10/36, quite crude but vigorous and different. See Basel collection by Theo Meier for many of these. Some are of Westerners. UNSKILLED in early pictures (HG). His works have a variety of styles and skill levels, including some very detailed images perhaps influenced by German Expressionism.

B686 Story: (?) Monkey and frog.

B688 Story: (?) Demon, monkey and woman

B689 Scene: wild animals and hunters.

B690 Story: the holy man killed by the tiger.

B691 Story: I Kokokan.

B692 Story: I Kokokan.

B693 Story: (?) Coitus discovered.

B694 Scene: abducting a bride.

B695 Story: (?) Hero on horse shoots blazing arrow into deer.




Haks 132

Haks 399

Haks 425

Haks 463

Haks 483 Barong Landung

Haks 485Buta Sungsang

Haks 551 Dual scene, Balinese and Westerners

Inu Burug