Ida Bagus Putu Muda (–)

On the Bateson & Mead list.

First picture 10/10/36, last in 38 crude at first, improves in figure making by 38, last one is big, Galungan 2/38 co-artists: none subjects of paintings: conventional

B230 Performance: baris dancer and penasar, from baris melampahan.

B231 Story: the heron who pretended to be a priest.

B232 Scene: man hunting a deer.

B233 Story: I Amad and the Flying Elephant.

B234 Scene: coitus

B235 Scene: man on horse.

B236 Scene: cows in field.

B237 Scene: catching crickets.

B238 Ritual: offerings at Galungan.

B711.08 Scene: man climbs tree with kulkul drum on it.

Haks 193